March 17, 2014

Warmth? Hooray!

It was finally warm enough to go to the park!!!  And we were so happy. 
But first...
Waiting a whole 3 minutes for Daddy to get copies of 1776 for Mommy and Daddy to read before our Boston trip.  It was agony for these kiddos.
 Emily made a friend.  She didn't know her name, so she just called her Emily.  They went down the slide over and over again and clapped for each other.  It was pretty cute.
Andrew also made a friend.  There was a boy there with a green shirt, and I pointed it out.  He was so excited, so I told him he could go tell the boy.  (We've been working on social skills.)  So Andy went up to him and said, "Wow.  I just love your green shirt.  It's really great."  The kid (who was probably 5) said thanks and was very happy about that.  Then Andrew continued.  "It's just awesome.  I love green.  And your shirt is green.  That is great."  The kid smiled, a little confused as if to say 'are we still talking about my shirt?'  Then they ran off to play.  About 2 minutes later, I heard Andrew say, "Yeah, I just think that shirt is amazing.  A green shirt.  WOW!"  I went up to him and whispered that he could tell him about the shirt if he wanted, but that now it was okay to just play with him.  :)  They then had a fun time running and talking and sliding.  And I was happy that he was able to make a friend...whom he called Green Shirt the entire time.  Baby steps...
No matter who else they play with, Daddy is still their favorite pal ever.
My littlest babies.  They all love swinging.
I LOVE this picture.
I love my little family, I love Spring, and I love having pictures to keep these memories.

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