May 31, 2009

Tomorrow's the Big Day

Tomorrow, 9 am, St. Luke's hospital. I think this kid's plan was to wait inside until he was old enough to go on his mission, but I'm just not ok with that. We're inducing tomorrow.
I feel excited and nervous at the same time. Wish me luck! The next posting will be with pictures of the little guy. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

May 25, 2009

Still nothing.

And that's sad.

May 19, 2009

Pregnancy photo

Well, here I am. We're 3 days away and I'm ready to see him! With parents as cute as this, he's bound to be adorable, right? :) Amy took this outside of my apartment a couple weeks ago. Thanks, Amy!
This is an old photo of Mike, but the options here at my parents are a little slim on pictures of him. Isn't he adorable, though??

May 18, 2009

A day late

Yesterday was Jeanette's birthday! Happy Birthday, Jeanette! I love all my sisters, and am so grateful to have them as my best friends.
Bethy B, you know how much you've always meant to me and I'm glad you understand my craziness, because you have the same within you! :) Here are a few random memories:
1. Who has nail polish?
2. W.A.N.S.I
3. Barbies and Paperdolls. Let's just not admit anything.
4. Begging to swim in the Doubet's pool.
5. Chug-a-lug Water Contests
6. Calling each other (with permission) on the mission
7. Arry Potter
8. Finger dancing
9. If you can't take it, don't dish it...
10. Wrestling
11. Sir Pinchalot - I still have a scar
12. The Blue Bikers Club - I saved you, man.
13. The Wizard of Oz play - Nice undies.
14. Watching Scooby Doo in the many times?
And finally:
15. Laughing, and laughing, and laughing, and laughing all the time.

What would I do without you? I love you!

May 8, 2009

Fog and Rain

I love fog! I came outside this morning a little before 7 and the whole street was foggy. It's scary to drive in, but to walk in it is like walking in the clouds!

I love rain, except for when you get soaked and then have to come back into the air conditioning at work with wet Birkenstock sandals. Blech.

May 6, 2009

Cute little neice

My neice Abigail will turn 3 this summer. And she is the cutest little curly blond ever. We ate dinner over there last night and had so many laughs over her. She said to her daddy, "I so wuv Ki-ren. I give her big kiss!!" SUCH a little sweetheart!

May 1, 2009


I really want to snuggle my little guy.