August 7, 2016

Fun in the Sun

We got out the sprinkler earlier this summer, and the kids have spent many a happy hour playing in the water.

I love that all-the-sudden-looking-and-acting-like-a-big-kid kid.

 Andrew is such an amazing big brother.  This picture makes me cry.

 My little guys.  <3

How Andrew jumps over the sprinkler.

How Charlie jumps over the sprinkler.

How Emily jumps over the sprinkler.

I love having kids. The entertainment factor is so high.

 And so is the sweet factor.

The bottom line is: sprinklers=pure summery joy

Birthdays Happened

All the kids have had their birthdays this year, and have had fun for all of them.
Including Woof Woof

On Emily's birthday, I tried to get a good picture of all the kids together.

I gave up. :)

Emily is FIVE.

My silly little SEVEN year old.

The best "I'm THREE" picture ever.

August 1, 2016

You Can't Stop the Co-op

We joined a really fun co-op where the kids were taught art, music, and P.E.  Andrew and Emily loved the art best, although they liked it all.  Charlie wasn't old enough yet so he was basically in the nursery.  He's REALLY looking forward to being in the big kid classes this fall.
We had a little showcase at the end of the semester, and the kids loved showing Daddy what they had learned.

 They also looked like this or a variation thereof for most of the time they were up singing.
Emily got an award from her art teacher (my awesome friend Grit).  She was super proud.  Grit really helped Emily feel like she could be the best little artist ever.  :)

We're excited to start back up this fall.  I'll be "teaching" the babies-3 year olds.  Any ideas on keeping them occupied for 3 hours?

Mothers and Fathers

Mother's Day 2016
 Father's Day 2016

There are days when we feel like pulling our hair out, and days when we aren't sure we can stand to hear that joke anymore.  Some days are full of frustration and guilt over not being as good as we wish we could be.  Some days, while sweeping up pounds of animal crackers, bread crusts, cucumber slices, and rice from under the table, we wonder how we're going to survive this time of four little kids.

But even during those trying times, we wouldn't give up one second.  We are enjoying tiny voices, hearing baby laughter and the ABC song for the 100th time that day.  We get to teach, to help, and to learn.  Being parents is a privilege, and we are so grateful.

Art and Ice Cream

Still catching up.  I guess I could just skip these things and start with current stuff, but I kind of want to document this, too.

In May, we went to our city's Art Festival.  It was awesome!  There were TONS of projects for little kids, and it wasn't all coloring.  They got to paint and make puzzles and draw self-portraits, and make giant bubbles and Charlie got someone to draw him.  It was very fun for everyone, although Henry was less impressed.  He slept the whole time.

Afterwards, we went to the new Braum's down the road for lunch.  Everyone was very excited.

Henry got to eat the largest French fry known to man.

Hooray for Family Saturdays!