August 1, 2016

You Can't Stop the Co-op

We joined a really fun co-op where the kids were taught art, music, and P.E.  Andrew and Emily loved the art best, although they liked it all.  Charlie wasn't old enough yet so he was basically in the nursery.  He's REALLY looking forward to being in the big kid classes this fall.
We had a little showcase at the end of the semester, and the kids loved showing Daddy what they had learned.

 They also looked like this or a variation thereof for most of the time they were up singing.
Emily got an award from her art teacher (my awesome friend Grit).  She was super proud.  Grit really helped Emily feel like she could be the best little artist ever.  :)

We're excited to start back up this fall.  I'll be "teaching" the babies-3 year olds.  Any ideas on keeping them occupied for 3 hours?


Mom said...

I didn't know the kids were involved in a co-op. When does it start up again?

Jennifer said...

3 hours! Yikes! I suggest getting some beach balls while they still have them in stores. Toddlers love beach balls. And big appliance boxes. Snag one from Home Depot. Flashlights. Bubbles. Fast-paced dance music. Play-doh. Go for a walk. Bean bags. I probably am not telling you anything you don't already know. I was the teacher for the 1-year-old class at a daycare for a few years. I just had a flashback to those 9-hour days with 8 one-year-olds. Yikes.

Jennifer said...

Just realized I have something else to add. Okay, so I was teaching nursery today and I had 11 kids in there and they were WILD today! Some of the things I'd prepared went over only so-so, but my main successes today we're anything that had to do with music. Music props and shakers were great; and later on we put in a primary music c.d. And that got their attention and we danced; and when we were stalling for time before parents came we did the stand-up action songs like Snowman, Head-Shoulders, Happy-and-you-know-it, and we played several rounds of Ring-around-the-Rosie. Since you're talking for your co-op, I was just thinking music might be a great way to go for something to break up your 3 hours, since you've not limited to using church-approved resources like you would be for primary. One of the things that was a hit from my daycare class was a c.d. One of the parents had brought in from the junior high band class he taught. It was a lot of percussion and fast-tempo stuff, and the kids LOVED it. They would stop whatever they were doing and jam!