May 7, 2015

Henry, Henry, and Henry

We really love our baby.  A lot.  He is sweet, snuggly, and so special.

He's also a sleepy little guy.  I don't want to jinx it, but he is SUCH a good sleeper.  My other 3 have really not felt like sleeping was so important, so having Henry sleep for 4-5 hours at a stretch at night is AMAZING.  Sleep on, little dreamer!

"I'm trying to become the favorite."

I was taking pictures of him when he put his socked little hand in front of the lens.  I guess he was done with the photoshoot.

One week old.  Adorable.

I love that little profile.

He makes the cutest/funniest faces.

Sweet little angel.

Sometimes you just have to stretch.  Check out those monkey toes.  He'll be able to pick up anything he wants with those things.  :)  He is seriously adorable!!!

Andrew, Emily, and Charlie

Life with four kids can a tad bit overwhelming for everyone in the family, but overall, we've been having a good time!  All the kids love the baby and so far haven't had any jealousy issues.  Emily has been acting out a little bit more, but as I said, overall it's been great!
Here's Emily making a flying worm out of playdough.  I absolutely love seeing the creative way her mind works.

It's been so nice out, and that has definitely been helping keep the kids entertained.

Daddy always has fun things for the kids to do.  Here the kids got to roast marshmallows.

We had a robin's nest outside our window and it was so fun to see them grow up and learn to fly.  This picture is an accurate portrayal of how the fledglings looked in the end.  They were all 4 almost as big as their mama and huddled in the nest.  Cute little kiddos.

May 3, 2015

Introducing Henry

At 4:31 on April 28th, we welcomed the newest member of the family into the world!  Henry David Jacobs decided to come on his own (a Jacobs kid first!).  It was pretty fast as I was only in the hospital for 5 hours before he was here.  Since I wasn't induced this time, I didn't get the epidural right away like with the other 3.  Let's just say - contractions HURT!!!!!  I was shocked at how insanely painful it was.  (Duh.  It's labor, I know.  But still.  It was eye-opening.)  I ended up getting a spinal tap that wore off just as I reached 10 cm and he was pretty much ready to come.  Yipe.
Henry weighed 9 lbs 5 oz and was 23 inches long.  For being such a big guy, he sure is a little guy!

We are just in love with this little guy!  He is sweet as pie and definitely looks like a member of the family.

I was so relieved it was all over, and that we had our sweetie finally.

Andrew loves little "Bite-Size" (as he wanted to call him) and is happy to be a big brother once again.  He loves to hold and take care of his baby.

Charlie wanted to hold him for about 4 seconds, but does love to give him kisses on the head and gently pat his tummy.

Emily said he was "great" and liked saying hi to him from across the room.

The Six of Us!

Andrew let the baby know that when he was bigger, like 5, he could do a lot more things like him.

All my boys.  I love this picture.

These two were mostly just excited to eat cups of ice.


There's a reason I keep accidently calling him Charlie.  He looks SO much like his big brother.

Being born is hard work!

What we did for 2 days straight.

Because crying baby pictures make me laugh for some reason.
Welcome to the world, Big Hal.  We sure love you.