April 27, 2012

Busy Fairy

Emily finally has a tooth!  The other bottom one is trying to come through, too.  She has just started to become a little drool monster.

Andrew's been super fussy lately and I couldn't figure out why until today when he was chewing on a toy.  I realized he'd been doing that a lot lately.  I got him to open wide and noticed that he has 3 molars coming through!  One is mostly through and the other two are almost there.  Poor little dude!

So the tooth fairy has been mighty busy lately making deposits at the Jacobs' house.  :)

April 21, 2012

"Fish are friends, not food." - Little Nemo

  Andrew was eating Goldfish crackers along with his lunch the other day.  I was taking the crackers and singing, "Swimming, swimming into Andrew's....mouth!"  He'd crack up and eat it.  To change it up a bit, I picked one up and said, "Oh no!  Andrew, don't eat me!" then promptly swam it up to his him.  He kept his lips clamped shut and then started to give it kisses.  He took it away from me and from that moment on, has refused to eat a single Goldfish cracker.  I'll know better next time. :)

April 16, 2012

Rainy Days

It's been so rainy around here lately.  Andrew is learning all about thunder and lightening.  I told him the thunder was the clouds telling us it's raining.  He kept saying, "Hey listen!  I hear the clouds!"  Eventually he said, "Okay clouds.  I hear you."  I guess he was getting tired of the same message over and over.  :)  Hilarious.

Emily and I watching Andrew and Mike playing in the rain.

They found a frog.

Splashing in the puddles.

Why We Don't Vacuum

Mike took this pictures yesterday and named the series "Why I don't vacuum." 


I know I'm behind on this post, but...I don't care.  So there. :)
Our little family on Easter

Andrew has been looking forward to dying eggs since last Easter.  He had the best time.  He also managed to dye his tummy green and my mom's chair pink.  Sorry, Mom!  :(

I hid eggs at both parents' houses.  While we were getting Andrew to come hunt eggs, Em managed to secure two eggs for herself!  What a smart little cookie!

Emily eating/tearing up paper towels while we were dying eggs

Me with two of my favorite people in the world - my mom and my little gal

And back to hunting eggs at Grandma and Grandpa Jacobs' house.  He insisted on opening each egg after finding it.

Emily looking cute in her little Easter dress.

Mike was worn out.  He's cute.

Hunting eggs at the Jacobs' house

April 11, 2012

Our Weekend Part 2

Cutest picture of Andrew and Mike.  This was in the middle of one of their wrestling/tickling/going crazy sessions.  I'm so grateful these two buddies have each other.  And they're both looking at the camera and smiling.  Woah, it's a miracle.  :) 
Anybody in the Maplewood/St. Louis area?  Our friend Lindi has the most beautiful studio.  She's funny, sweet, kind, and really enthusiastic about teaching kids to dance.  Check out her website!  http://studiofortestl.com/
Emily discovered an amazing mirror at our friend Lindi's incredible dance studio.  We hope so much that we can be around Maplewood when Emmie's old enough to dance.  :)

Mike and Lindi

Mike and Em at the studio

We stayed in a hotel with a pool that was WAY too cold to swim in.  Andrew stayed in for 15 seconds (just long enough for a picture) and then sat on the edge of the hot tub and had a pretty good time. 

Emmie looked so cute in her little swimsuit.

We felt bad that they couldn't swim, so we filled up the tub and let them splash around.  They had a lot of fun.


Andrew and Em got a ride out to the car.

...until he decided to help Daddy.  This picture is so adorable.

April 10, 2012


Daddy and Andrew watching the elephants
We had to go to a funeral on Friday for a dear family member, but decided to come a day earlier to have a mini-family vacation.  We went to the zoo, and had the best time!  Andrew was so impressed with all the animals.  Emily was a little sweetie (as usual).  I'll have to put a couple more posts on here to catch up.

Snuggly babies

Andrew watching the ducks.  He loved carrying around the map and tried to stop people by saying, "Excuse me.  I have a map."

Playing with the boat in the children's zoo

Hugging the goats.  He ran from goat to goat saying, "Hi goats.  Hey goats."

Proof I was there.  Proof that the flash was on.  She cracks me up.

Action shot on the slide

On the gorilla


Mommy and Andrew watching the elephants.  He was so impressed.  Bringing a kid who's old enough to the zoo is so awesome.  It made me realize how amazing the world really is, and how wonderful it is that we can see all these beautiful animals.

The kids were pretty exhausted by the end.  Em fell asleep and Andrew actually stayed in the stroller by the end.  :)

April 2, 2012

Our weekend

Andrew's decided that sleeping on the floor is more comfortable.  Can we say Michael's son?  This was our favorite position we've found him in so far.  His head under the chair.

Poor little Emmie fell forward and hit her cheek on the wood on the futon.  She was so upset, and now has a big bruise.  :(  She also managed to fall down the stairs and hit her face on the floor when she slipped while crawling.  Let's just say that since she's started moving, she gets hurt a lot more.

Hilarious little gal.

Her attempt at smiling while trying to avoid keeping her eyes open and exposed to the flash.  LOL, I love this face.

A rare quiet moment during General Conference

Andrew and Emily smiling!  We have been loving this beautiful weather by going on lots and lots of walks.

I just about died when I saw Em holding onto Andrew's arm.  Then I think I did die a little when I later saw them holding hands.  Sweetest Mom moment....ever.

It was super hot out so after our afternoon walk, we stripped the kids down to their diapers.  Then they decided to crawl and jump all over their daddy.  And I can't get over how big they look.
And........she's adorable.