April 2, 2012

Our weekend

Andrew's decided that sleeping on the floor is more comfortable.  Can we say Michael's son?  This was our favorite position we've found him in so far.  His head under the chair.

Poor little Emmie fell forward and hit her cheek on the wood on the futon.  She was so upset, and now has a big bruise.  :(  She also managed to fall down the stairs and hit her face on the floor when she slipped while crawling.  Let's just say that since she's started moving, she gets hurt a lot more.

Hilarious little gal.

Her attempt at smiling while trying to avoid keeping her eyes open and exposed to the flash.  LOL, I love this face.

A rare quiet moment during General Conference

Andrew and Emily smiling!  We have been loving this beautiful weather by going on lots and lots of walks.

I just about died when I saw Em holding onto Andrew's arm.  Then I think I did die a little when I later saw them holding hands.  Sweetest Mom moment....ever.

It was super hot out so after our afternoon walk, we stripped the kids down to their diapers.  Then they decided to crawl and jump all over their daddy.  And I can't get over how big they look.
And........she's adorable.


Jeanette said...

Okay seriously....adorable!
Love Andrew's new sleeping positions. I think the picture of Emily smiling while scrunching her face up is my favorite. Stinking hilarious. Holy skinny, Michael! Love Em holding Andrew's arm and I love Andrew wearing the pink hat. :) Noah won't wear those sunglasses which is really too bad because they look so cute. Love the diaper kids and I love that Andrew is up in the air about to land on Michael. And peekaboo Em - adorable. Oh and I love the crazy hair on that girl. Seriously love those kids. Noah and I need to come visit sometime.

Mom said...

Your comment about the kids looking so big -- I imagine Mike thought they looked pretty big too when Andrew landed on his back. There will come a time when he just won't be able to do that any more. Sigh!