April 11, 2012

Our Weekend Part 2

Cutest picture of Andrew and Mike.  This was in the middle of one of their wrestling/tickling/going crazy sessions.  I'm so grateful these two buddies have each other.  And they're both looking at the camera and smiling.  Woah, it's a miracle.  :) 
Anybody in the Maplewood/St. Louis area?  Our friend Lindi has the most beautiful studio.  She's funny, sweet, kind, and really enthusiastic about teaching kids to dance.  Check out her website!  http://studiofortestl.com/
Emily discovered an amazing mirror at our friend Lindi's incredible dance studio.  We hope so much that we can be around Maplewood when Emmie's old enough to dance.  :)

Mike and Lindi

Mike and Em at the studio

We stayed in a hotel with a pool that was WAY too cold to swim in.  Andrew stayed in for 15 seconds (just long enough for a picture) and then sat on the edge of the hot tub and had a pretty good time. 

Emmie looked so cute in her little swimsuit.

We felt bad that they couldn't swim, so we filled up the tub and let them splash around.  They had a lot of fun.


Andrew and Em got a ride out to the car.

...until he decided to help Daddy.  This picture is so adorable.

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Jeanette said...

What fun! What a cool mom letting them "swim" in the tub. I want to live close to you guys.