August 31, 2009

Primary Panic

Yesterday we had a combined 5th Sunday lesson in the chapel. Andrew started freaking out in the beginning of the meeting and I was actually in the mother's lounge for the whole meeting. I left just about as the Primary was let loose. They made a mad dash for the Relief Society room. When I turned the corner so I could see them, I saw a pretty good sized group of kids looking around confused. One little 5 year old girl (or so) turns to the group and says (much like Chicken Little), "The mommies are GONE!" with tears in her eyes. This sets off the other kids. I hurried over to avoid the possible freak-out session and explain where their mothers were. Kidnapped by aliens, of course.
It was hilarious.
In other news, I am REALLY digging The Princess Bride and totally recommend it! If you love the movie, you'll LOVE the book. But you don't have to take MY word on it.

Da duh duh!

August 27, 2009

Part 2

Taking a bath. He looks sooooo cute in that robe!
Another one. Diaper shot!
Using the bulb as a chew toy.... don't judge me.
Poor little sick-guy. I pretty much let him do anything he wanted...
such as watching the Dick Van Dyke show. I believe my exact words were, "This is against everything I wanted for you."

Notice that Michael isn't in any of these shots? Michael started law school this week, so he's been studying at school all week. See you in 3 years, honey. :)

A week or so in pictures...

Wearing a cutie outfit, just cause we wanted to doll him up.
He's started playing with my hair when I hold him like that. Super cute, except when he decides to tug. Owie. (Note his bald spot.)
Showing his true feelings about riding in the car.

Playing with his new toy - his legs. He has just discovered them this week, and has been having a ball playing around with them. The toy he's holding is new, also. :)
Even though he wasn't feeling well, he was still the smiley sweetie he always is.

Random thoughts

Is it just me, or does Donald Sutherland have a mighty hefty noggin?

I just finished reading Tuesday's with Morrie. It was alright. There were good parts, and parts that made me think about life a little differently. I, for one, thought that some of it was sappy for the sake of being sappy, though. Maybe worth trying out, but I won't read it again.
Sorry for the lack of new photos. They were all put on Mike's laptop which is currently being used for studying all day and night.

I had the pleasure yesterday of dealing with one of Andrew's firsts - his first major blow-out of his diaper. I picked him up from his swing to discover my arm covered in unmentionable goo, and upon further investigation, discovered that he was practically swimming in it- from his shoulders all the way to his itty bitty socks. The swing had taken a hit as well. Andrew apparently was feelin' fine, because he was smiling like a crazy person. It was a beautiful thing. Thank goodness for Spray and Wash and a nice warm shower.

August 17, 2009


Somehow our whole little family has gotten a summer cold. No fun for anyone, especially not for new moms, a little baby, and a guy who starts law school tomorrow. Blech.

On the up side, baby snot has been added to Andrew's masterpiece canvas- my t-shirt. It joins its fluid brothers - puke, pee, and drool. (Clap, clap, clap).

Luckily it's not a horrible one, and it should end soon. In the meanwhile, I'll continue to be depressed when his nose is stopped up and he screams when he realizes that I'm using the devil-bulb again. Poor Jellybean.

August 12, 2009

4 years and counting....

August 13, 2005
Isn't he cute? Aug. 13, 2005
In Washington, D.C. August 13, 2006

Laughing at the Arch museum- 2006

A cute one of us at our reception right before cutting the cake - the real one, not the pumpkin head one. :) August 20, 2005
Our first Christmas together - December 2005

Hanging out at the zoo - Summer 2007

(First off, turns out we need more pictures taken together. We have a lot of recent ones of me alone or him alone, but not many together.)

Tomorrow marks Michael and my 4th anniversary. These have truly been a barrel of laughs, a growing time, and a huge blessing. I love Mike more than I could have ever imagined and feel so blessed and lucky to be his wife. To know him is to love him, and I am so very happy to be able to do both as much as I like. Happy Anniversary, honey!


Ever feel like this? This picture was taken in December and I was just being silly really, but today I seriously feel like this. My throat feels scratchy, I feel like since the baby I haven't really ever dolled up or anything, and I just generally feel lazy and blech. Not sick, not tired, just blech. Two things that make me feel better are A. Mike who thinks I look nice no matter what and B. My cute little guy who is currently taking a nap in our hammock in the office while sucking his little thumb. So unbelievably cute.

August 7, 2009

Gratitude Fridge

Mike had a great idea while unpacking. We bought some magnetic letters and have decided to keep a running list of things we're grateful for on the fridge. That way, we'll be forced to look for things to be grateful for. Our list so far is:

1. 2 Bathrooms - that's 2 showers, so guests have their own bathroom. Pretty great!

2. Washer & Dryer - our dryer was on it's last leg (you had to run it twice to get anything dry) and our washer broke after moving in. We were going to have to spend money we didn't really have on new ones, but found an awesome refurbished appliance store here in town and got a really great set for $250. Wow!

3. Little Family - we love being a little family in our new place. :)

4. Ice Cream - there's a place here in town called Andy's (Andrew is very excited about that, I'm sure.) and it....RIVALS TED DREWES. Seriously. I love this place more than I should. It's frozen custard and it just tastes..................Sorry, I'm back now.

5. Crib - We are so grateful to have this sweet little crib for the baby. He loves it. When you put him in it, he smiles and baby-talks like crazy. So cute.

6. Mailbox- Call us dorks, but we like having a real life mailbox. I've never had one in my whole life (post office box, door slots, etc.)

7. Chip - Michael lost his memory chip to his phone a couple weeks ago. It had photos, information, journal notes, sound clips, etc. and we were sad to see that go, especially Mike. We didn't find it while packing but still prayed that we would be able to find it. I was SHOCKED when I found the little chip just sitting on our coffee table yesterday. WOW!

It's a great little idea, and I'm so glad my husband is so fun. :) And yes, we did alphabetize the letters to make it easier. I had so much fun doing that, it was ridiculous.

August 5, 2009

August 3, 2009

Movin' movin' movin'.......

Where am I, you may ask? Why, in Columbia of course. We're here, and although it's sad to not be in St. Louis anymore, it's actually really exciting to have this change. I have my little family with me in a cute little duplex (pictures to come later) and Michael will start law school later this month. Woohoo!

Now to unpack. Wah....