August 27, 2009

Random thoughts

Is it just me, or does Donald Sutherland have a mighty hefty noggin?

I just finished reading Tuesday's with Morrie. It was alright. There were good parts, and parts that made me think about life a little differently. I, for one, thought that some of it was sappy for the sake of being sappy, though. Maybe worth trying out, but I won't read it again.
Sorry for the lack of new photos. They were all put on Mike's laptop which is currently being used for studying all day and night.

I had the pleasure yesterday of dealing with one of Andrew's firsts - his first major blow-out of his diaper. I picked him up from his swing to discover my arm covered in unmentionable goo, and upon further investigation, discovered that he was practically swimming in it- from his shoulders all the way to his itty bitty socks. The swing had taken a hit as well. Andrew apparently was feelin' fine, because he was smiling like a crazy person. It was a beautiful thing. Thank goodness for Spray and Wash and a nice warm shower.


Jeanette and Jason said...

Um...I don't think you are supposed to give a baby showers. :) wahaha. That's pretty darn funny. He must have been saving up for you. What a cutie. When Mike gets a second of his time back from school and such you'll have to get that video on here. So cute.

Littlest Liz said...

The Donald Sutherland thing made me laugh so hard!