July 24, 2009

Random Kid

This is the conversation I'm hearing between my nephew Zach and my husband Michael. It's pretty much cracking me up.

You know what throw up is? (Explains.).....Yeah. It's lots of water and food and yuck. You wouldn't want to eat that. Bad guys used to eat bodies. And that's not good because it's just gross. Why does breath sometimes smell bad? (Explains.) I'm just gonna get a little bit of exercise. What's that? Oh you got a message? Where is she? Wyoming? Is that in Utah? (It's not in Utah, but it's kind of near Utah.) Like if you walk and walk and then you're in Utah? What's that light on your phone? (That shows I have 5 active tasks on it.) Oh. My bedtime is 8:30. There's a little bit of dark upstairs. Well, camp is over. Yep, it's over.

July 21, 2009

Two Thumbs Up

Haven't seen UP? You're missing out. This movie is utterly fantastic. Word to the wise, bring Kleenex. Mike and I cried and could have definitely used some. So well done. Funny, touching, thought-provoking.... Just seriously awesome.

Although they did change some of the things from the book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was really good. I think I'd give it an A-. And while we're on the subject of this movie, we couldn't get over how much Andrew looked like Professor Slughorn. His facial expressions, that is. All throughout the movie we'd just stop and laugh because it would be SO on the mark. I tried to find pictures to illustrate, but you may just have to take my word on that.

Picture Overload

Because he's so cute. That's why. And cause Mike's cute.

July 19, 2009

6 weeks

Andrew on my baby blanket from my Grandma Rough.
He likes getting his hair brushed. :)

We're so cute! :)

I can't believe it's already been 6 weeks since Andrew came to meet us. He has truly been a joy. Friday night he slept from 11 until 6 in the morning. It was so exciting! Last night? Up every hour. Sigh.
He's so cute. He's strong, too. He holds his head up so well now, and is always moving his little arms and legs.

July 7, 2009


After Aunt Jeanette helped give him a bath in Grandma Barnard's kitchen sink. Love that towel. :)
Just chillin' with Grandma on the couch.
Sleepy guy with Sleepy Mommy.
Smiling and loving to be with cousin Sierra.
Spitting bubbles - the boy's talented, I tell ya.
Mommy was trying to wake him up. She's a jerk. But he still likes her. She feeds him and stuff.

Poor tired Daddy! At least Andrew's giving him a hug.

One of his many smiling faces.
Love that tongue.
Here are some cutie pictures of Andrew and his admirers. We were in Salem this weekend, and I unfortunately don't have any pictures of the Jacobs side since these pictures are from Jeanette's camera. It was so nice to be with family, and we're sad to be going home although it'll be nice to get Andrew back in the routine. You know....eat, cry, catnap, eat, eat, eat, catnap, eat, yell at mama for neglecting me in order to go to the bathroom, eat, dream of eating, smile at Daddy, eat, eat, and eat again. Dang I love that kid.

July 4, 2009

Just chillin'.

This picture is old- he was a mere 10 days old at the time, not like the strapping 1 month old he is today. I just LOVE this, though. My mom took this picture after church after Andrew took off his tie and got a chance to relax. They looked so cute.