July 21, 2009

Two Thumbs Up

Haven't seen UP? You're missing out. This movie is utterly fantastic. Word to the wise, bring Kleenex. Mike and I cried and could have definitely used some. So well done. Funny, touching, thought-provoking.... Just seriously awesome.

Although they did change some of the things from the book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was really good. I think I'd give it an A-. And while we're on the subject of this movie, we couldn't get over how much Andrew looked like Professor Slughorn. His facial expressions, that is. All throughout the movie we'd just stop and laugh because it would be SO on the mark. I tried to find pictures to illustrate, but you may just have to take my word on that.


Jennifer said...

He's really quite adorable. Your kid, I mean. Not necessarily Slughorn.

Jeanette and Jason said...

Oh man. It's true. How such an adorable baby can make the same faces as Slughorn is beyond me.