July 24, 2009

Random Kid

This is the conversation I'm hearing between my nephew Zach and my husband Michael. It's pretty much cracking me up.

You know what throw up is? (Explains.).....Yeah. It's lots of water and food and yuck. You wouldn't want to eat that. Bad guys used to eat bodies. And that's not good because it's just gross. Why does breath sometimes smell bad? (Explains.) I'm just gonna get a little bit of exercise. What's that? Oh you got a message? Where is she? Wyoming? Is that in Utah? (It's not in Utah, but it's kind of near Utah.) Like if you walk and walk and then you're in Utah? What's that light on your phone? (That shows I have 5 active tasks on it.) Oh. My bedtime is 8:30. There's a little bit of dark upstairs. Well, camp is over. Yep, it's over.

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