July 7, 2009


After Aunt Jeanette helped give him a bath in Grandma Barnard's kitchen sink. Love that towel. :)
Just chillin' with Grandma on the couch.
Sleepy guy with Sleepy Mommy.
Smiling and loving to be with cousin Sierra.
Spitting bubbles - the boy's talented, I tell ya.
Mommy was trying to wake him up. She's a jerk. But he still likes her. She feeds him and stuff.

Poor tired Daddy! At least Andrew's giving him a hug.

One of his many smiling faces.
Love that tongue.
Here are some cutie pictures of Andrew and his admirers. We were in Salem this weekend, and I unfortunately don't have any pictures of the Jacobs side since these pictures are from Jeanette's camera. It was so nice to be with family, and we're sad to be going home although it'll be nice to get Andrew back in the routine. You know....eat, cry, catnap, eat, eat, eat, catnap, eat, yell at mama for neglecting me in order to go to the bathroom, eat, dream of eating, smile at Daddy, eat, eat, and eat again. Dang I love that kid.

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Renae said...

I love babies!

Yeah, that spanish love song was funny too.