March 31, 2009


We ate dinner with a member of our ward on Sunday who grew up very “privileged” – maids, housekeepers, butlers – you name it, they had it. Luckily, his parents were still very down to earth, frugal people, so this man still appreciates the value of hard work and sacrifice. He told us that his mother once got her couch reupholstered, but then put the old slipcover over it so that no one would think they had gotten a new couch. His parents bought the same kind, same color car each time they got a new one, just so that people wouldn’t think they were rich. The kids had to make their bed each day. The maid would come in a few minutes later, strip the bed, and wash the sheets. I love that his mother still had them appreciate what they had, even if someone else would technically take care of it for them. I really respect those people. I think we’d get along. I want to use their example in raising our son.

I don’t think this post makes much sense, but today I’m just really feeling grateful for generous friends and family, living simply, and above all – the knowledge that I truly am the one who is and always has been privileged.

March 28, 2009

The Last Lecture

I loved this book and totally recommend it. It was touching without being depressing and gave lots of good advice without being preachy or crazy. Read it. You'll like it. It's completely worth your time.

March 24, 2009


Not to be confused with "Snuggie", the hilariously cult-like cloaks they are selling on tv. Have you seen these? They totally crack me up.
No, I'm feeling SNUGGLY. In particular, I'm feeling the irresistable urge to snuggle my little boy. I'm going to go sigh now and just enjoy the time I have with just me and Mike.

March 21, 2009


I am officially looking pregnant. And he is officially keeping me up at night. And I am officially tired of Tums. And I am officially tired of spending half my life in the bathroom. And I am officially getting anxious to see his cuteness. And Mike is officially going to be the best daddy ever. Officially.

March 18, 2009

Can you tell me how to get BACK to Sesame Street?

I grew up with my brain quite literally glued to PBS -

  • Mr. Rogers -I would have LOVED to be his neighbor! He was so nice! And really, as much as the Land of Make Believe puppets kind of scared me, you can't get much better than good, wholesome Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.

  • Reading Rainbow- I would go read a book, give a review to my imaginary camera, and wait to be discovered. I thought they just chose random kids, so I would stand by the phone and hold my breath for LeVar's call.

  • Cooking/Art Shows - After all the kid stuff was over with, I would stick around and watch all the cooking and art shows. I still like watching cooking shows, even if I never make what they make.

  • And last, but most certainly not least, Sesame Street- I don't think anything could beat that show in my eyes. I mean, come on. Bert doing "the Pigeon", Don Music beating his brains out on the piano, Alistair Cookie on Monsterpeice Theater, Guy Smiley's shows, Super Grover "saving" the day....Need I say more?

I think we can all hear a rant coming on........

Here it is. WHERE THE HECK DID SESAME STREET GO?! Most everything about it now just disappoints me - from the new hip-hop theme to the endless Elmo's World to the brutal cutting of my favorite characters. (Don't even get me started on all the new kid's shows out there nowadays. That's a new rant for a new day.)

This picture I saw online says it all for me...

Am I alone here?

March 17, 2009


Ok, I think this is officially a craving. I had a huge desire for a banana split the other day, so Mike and I headed down to Ted Drewes and got a MONSTOROUS banana split. I made the mistake of saying, "Whew. That was great. That totally will satisfy that craving." Oh contraire, mon frere.Turns out that this craving is here to stay. Now I need one I invented last night. A Smores banana split. I MUST have one. Or the citizens will no longer be safe. Run for your lives.

March 5, 2009

Random thought...

I don't know why, but it's hard for me to remember that scriptural characters, historical characters, etc. are real people. I realize they are and all, but I guess because they lived such a long time ago or something, I forget that.

Let me explain. I know the story of Ammon. He was awesome. He was an awesome missionary. He protected the King's sheep. He cut off some arms. A whole lot of arms, in fact. Again, he was awesome. The part that boggles my mind is that he felt sick sometimes. Sometimes he got frustrated. Maybe he was a fantastic singer. Maybe he had a lazy eye. He was a real guy, with real feelings. And although he may look like the above picture, it's also possible that he was a dork. Now, don't chalk me down as a sacriligious fiend. All I'm saying is that we don't know, and it kind of makes me happy in a bizarre way to think that Laman could have looked like Kip.
And actually, I think it's amazing that these were great men- not because they were perfect, but because in spite of being imperfect, they were great men. It makes history and the scriptures much more alive to me. It gives me hope that although I have so many failings, and that I'm just not always "that good", I can go on to be a great lady.

Here's hopin'. :)

March 2, 2009


I am officially at 28 weeks and have begun the 3rd trimester. Here’s a bit of what’s been going through my head the last couple of days.

1. My vital organs are being squished. It’s a weird feeling, and is mixed with some pain and definitely an overall uncomfortable feeling as little Jellybean makes himself feel quite at home. I drew the line at moving an easy chair in there, though.
2. Powdered doughnuts have become my new best friend/enemy. They coat the throat something awful, but they really hit the spot!
3. Names, names, names! It’s really hard to pick a name for your child! This is something that once you make a decision on it, there’s no turning back. The kid will live with it for the rest of their life… So, no decision on that yet, and I may just have to close my eyes and point to a name in the baby book. He’d probably end up with a dumb name like Delvin or something, but at least then I could say it was just fate, not me.
4. My friend Jennifer gave birth to her little girl, Alyson, last week. Let’s just say, this has definitely made me anxious to see my little boy. I know I’m pregnant, but it’s still bizarre that in a little less than 3 months, I will be a mom. I already love the little guy, regardless of how many times he decides to kick my bladder at the most awkward times. I just can’t wait to have him snuggled up against me and know that he’s ours.
5. I seriously need to get on the ball this weekend and start buying the kid some stuff. Otherwise, our Delvin will be sleeping in a box and wearing homemade paper towel diapers.