March 2, 2009


I am officially at 28 weeks and have begun the 3rd trimester. Here’s a bit of what’s been going through my head the last couple of days.

1. My vital organs are being squished. It’s a weird feeling, and is mixed with some pain and definitely an overall uncomfortable feeling as little Jellybean makes himself feel quite at home. I drew the line at moving an easy chair in there, though.
2. Powdered doughnuts have become my new best friend/enemy. They coat the throat something awful, but they really hit the spot!
3. Names, names, names! It’s really hard to pick a name for your child! This is something that once you make a decision on it, there’s no turning back. The kid will live with it for the rest of their life… So, no decision on that yet, and I may just have to close my eyes and point to a name in the baby book. He’d probably end up with a dumb name like Delvin or something, but at least then I could say it was just fate, not me.
4. My friend Jennifer gave birth to her little girl, Alyson, last week. Let’s just say, this has definitely made me anxious to see my little boy. I know I’m pregnant, but it’s still bizarre that in a little less than 3 months, I will be a mom. I already love the little guy, regardless of how many times he decides to kick my bladder at the most awkward times. I just can’t wait to have him snuggled up against me and know that he’s ours.
5. I seriously need to get on the ball this weekend and start buying the kid some stuff. Otherwise, our Delvin will be sleeping in a box and wearing homemade paper towel diapers.


Renae said...

Hey, you know what? I have boxes of baby boy cloths that I need to get rid of. My baby was born in late June, so season wise they should be okay. Are you interested in taking some or all of them off of my hands?

And Hooray for 3rd trimester!!

Karen said...

If you are wanting to get rid of stuff, I am wanting to take it. :) Anything would be so helpful. Thanks!

Jeanette and Jason said...

You might want to post the comment to Renae on her blog too in case she doesn't read this.

Are you coming to look for my dress on Saturday? I have an appointment 10. I had a horrible experience at a dress shop near here today. Sheesh. I'm not sure if I'm going to try to go to Amy's on Friday night or Sat morning. If you are coming will you bring your black over shirt thing so I can try it?

Amy said...

Hey, Jennifer said you can have her infant car seat if you want it. And also... no sleeping in boxes for little Del... you are taking the Moses basket, yes?

Come over this weekend, and bring the quilt so we can photograph it, and also your mission t-shirt you said you were getting rid of.

lizS said...

i thought i already solved your name issues for you?
just kidding!
i think the third trimester is the longest. for me anyway, lol! i always just feel done being preggers already! ;)
and homemade paper towel diapers...why didn't I think of that?!

timpani76 said...

You can actually make homemade baby wipes out of paper towels. You should get lots of stuff when you have a baby shower. I got about 2 months worth of size 1 diapers at my first baby shower ;)

For QQ, I stocked up on size 2 diapers instead of size 1 thinking that I would get a bunch of those at the shower, and then I did not get any diapers at her shower!

Mom said...

Sometimes the baby names take a while to come up with. You like a name, but for some reason it just doesn't work. We finally picked out your name about a couple of days or so before you were born. I said, "How about Karen Elizabeth?" and we both said, "Yes." But, Delvin?? Hmmm...