August 28, 2015

A Great Day for Biking

Not every family is the same.  Not every kid has siblings.  But we love our kids, and love that they have each other!


Henry David
Being put down when he wants to snuggle. 
Not eating.

Snuggling, eating, playing, toys, his siblings, people, tickles, music, getting help dancing, getting his diaper changed, eating blankets, being held.  Basically, he likes life.  A lot. 
And like Buddy the Elf, he likes smiling.  Smiling's his favorite.

August 24, 2015


We've had a good summer so far.  The weather has started to cool off a bit (in the 80's) and I couldn't be happier about that.
Gotta love this super happy boy.  

 Mike is the best dad.  He came home with bats, balls, and a t-ball stand.  The kids had SO much fun!
Their form was impeccable.

Future baseball players here.

 For sure....
 Two cute boys!
I love these adorable kids.
 Another great idea from Mike - a jam tasting party.  The kids had the best time.
It was a hit.

A big hit.

With everyone.

The kids love wearing washcloths on their heads to "protect them from the sun."  Emily adds a bib for extra protection.

Popsicles are a big hit.

Sprinklers are too, although they aren't as effective with an umbrella.

August 21, 2015

Big Hank the Tank

Our little/big guy is growing up so fast!!!

 I can't believe he can already roll from front to back and back to front.  A couple days ago, he started pushing himself off with his toes.  It's amazing, and I think maybe we should encourage him to slow the heck down.
He even fell asleep during tummy time the other day.  The kids put his hat on his head, too.  Hilarious little guy.

August 19, 2015

Picture Failures=Happy Memories

I know this is not any news to you, but our family does not take great pictures.  I always think that maybe if I take a billion of them, one of them will be "perfect."  But it doesn't.  Soooo....I've come to the realization that for us, these are perfect.  If I want to look back at an accurate portrayal of our lives, it certainly isn't going to be all 6 of us looking at a camera and smiling.  It will be more like...
This...(I felt the same way as sweet baby pouty here.)

  And this....(I kind of love this one.)

 Definitely this one.
And like this...(Andrew reading a book to Emily.  She's apparently choosing the next one.  Not sure she'll find one in there, though.)

This camera is not in use (it's a film camera that isn't working) but it DOES make a click when you push the button.  Our kids are having the times of their lives with it.

And here's a great one he took with my camera.  It's one of many. I love those sweet little feet.
When I try to take a picture of this girl, she smiles for 3 seconds and then runs in circles.  When Charlie "takes" her picture, she stands like this for literally a minute while he takes pictures.  Funny kids.
And as a bonus, our little Bumbo-head.

Emily Amelia

Emily has become quite the little artist.  Mostly she draws people, suns, and hair on any animal she has me draw.  (To make them girls.)
 This is my very favorite picture so far.  Her teeth.

 She came in when I was taking pictures of all her drawings so came in with an armload of scribbles for me.  She was very proud.
Emily spoke in front of all the little kids at church.  She was SO excited.  I asked her what she wanted to speak on and she wrote her own talk.  Then she drew this picture of Jesus.  His eggy-ness and his beard.  She asked how to spell Jesus and wrote it.  Then she wrote "Albi" which I can only assume is her alibi.
 She adores Henry, makes him smile constantly, and always has a kiss or a "goochie-goochie goo" for him.  She truly, 100%, without a doubt believes that if he tried he could become a girl.  And that some day he will.

She definitely has some dramatic moments in her little four year old day, but I must admit that I will miss these days.  Some day she will no longer call mustard "bustard."  Some day she will not want me to pretend to pop off her fingers so she can put them back on with her magic.  Some day she will stop making up songs about everything she's doing.  She won't think everything around her is "marvelous."  She will no longer introduce herself to everyone like so: Hi, I'm Emily and I am four.  I'm a girl and I LOOOVE purple!  She won't want me to hold her.  She will be older and I will wonder at how quickly she has grown.  My life may be a little louder, a little more stressful, and a little more dramatic with this girl around, but it is infinitely better with her in it. 
I love you, tiny girl!

August 4, 2015

3 months

We adore little Henry.  How in the world is he already three months old?!  Its seems like just yesterday we were on our way to the hospital, anxiously awaiting the arrival of our guy.

He is such a happy little guy!  He's happy 99% of the time, and when he gets upset, he is pretty easy to pacify.  He's been smiling since he was just a month or less and started laughing a couple weeks ago.  He's very ticklish and laughs like crazy.  He also laughs a lot when the kids talk to him or sing him songs.  Emily has made up a song that goes "Baby Henry is so cute.  Baby Henry is growing uuuuuuuuuup." etc etc

 He has started sucking his thumb or more often than that, his last three fingers. 
This little guy started rolling from front to back a couple of days after he turned three months, and the next day started rolling from back to front!  How is that possible?  Did someone forget to tell this guy he doesn't have to grow up so fast?!  He is such a fun kid, and only getting more enjoyable.  But part of me is so sad to see my tiny baby growing up.

Stay little while you can, little guy!!