March 28, 2012

Food, flowers, fun, and funny faces

Egg, asparagus, and onion quiche.  It was really really delicious.

The tree outside our house.  Andrew looked out the window when they were just buds and said, "Oh!  Blueberries!"

He insisted on wearing this while he ate the other day.

Reading a Superman book Daddy read when he was a little boy.  Pretty cute.

I love the "I'm avoiding the flash" face.  She's so cute.

Emily and Clifford, laying the same.

Woah.  That is one mean baby face.

Out for a family walk.

He thought the ground would be more comfortable, apparently.

March 22, 2012

Emily - 9 months

Time to lower the crib.  Emily has decided that sleeping is just not "her thing" anymore.  Too bad for me, and too bad for her brother who shares a room with her.
Our little Eggplant turns 9 months today.  I can hardly believe it.  I was just telling Mike yesterday that when she was born, her calf was as long as my thumb.  I was feeling all sentimental about it, looked over at her in her high chair and she was staring at us with her finger up her nose.  It was hilarious, and reminded me how much more fun they get as they grow up.

On her knees.  This is her newest trick, and she has decided that staying stationary is for chumps.  She was kind of a slug for the first 8 months, so I guess it was a long time coming.  She looks very cute, and has even started to crawl more like a human baby, rather than a worm.  :)
She had her check-up today and did well with her shots.  Here's her stats for those who are interested:

Height: 26.5" (45%)
Weight: 16 lbs 15 oz (25%)
Cuteness:  Off the charts

They didn't say that last one, it was just my best guess.

March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Fun

I love St. Patrick's Day.  It's not like Christmas, where there's a lot to do, a lot of tradition, etc.  For most people, it's an excuse to drink and make people kiss you for some reason.
I love so much about Ireland.  I love Irish folk songs, even though most of them are Irish drinking songs.  :)  I love the beautiful rolling hills.  I love the accent.  I love that my great-grandpa immigrated from there.  I love that I have that heritage.  And I love wearing green because it brings out the green in my eyes and the red in my hair.  Ahem.
Anyway, so we had a fun St. Patrick's Day.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL and Mike's dad came to visit.  We ate corned beef and cabbage for dinner with thin mint ice cream for dessert.  Emily gnawed on a carrot and looked adorable.  Andrew ate peanut butter.  :)  Mike and I listened to the Irish Descendants  and The Clancy Brothers while doing the dishes.  Then somehow we made up stupid dances and laughed like crazy.  (Click on the names of the band to hear a couple of their songs.)  Mike's dad bought hummus, baklava, Turkish delight, and a peach drink from the Olive Cafe here in town.  Not exactly Irish, but mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!  We're kind of obsessed with hummus around here lately, and this one knocked our socks off.  Hope you all had a fun day!
Me.  I don't think I neccesarily needed a caption there.

Andrew ate green eggs and "ham" for breakfast.  He loves that book, but wouldn't eat the ham, so he pretended these banana slices were ham.  Turns out putting food coloring on slimy stuff makes it come off easily.  Andrew was our little leprachaun, covered in green dye all day. :)

Emily acts like you're killing her if you try to get her to eat Cheerios or small pieces of food.  If you give her a hunk of banana or cooked carrot, however, she will gnaw on it and eat it all.  Here she is covered in banana and peas (her favorite food).  She doesn't have any teeth yet, so she mostly just eats baby food still.  Good grief she's cute.

Daddy and Emmie at the park.  I loved her pants.  She looked like a little leprachaun.

Not an awesome picture of me, but this is at the park right before we went down the slide.

Emily's first time on the swing.  She's so tiny. 

Daddy and Andrew matched!  (Andrew's wearing a Lucky Charms shirt.)  Here's Mike with his kids. 

These pictures were taken with my camera, so they're pretty grainy, but here's Em enjoying the swing!

Funny Andrew

Andrew:  I want peanut butter and honey.
Mike:  You want peanut butter and honey?
A:  Yeah.  I serious.

Karen:  Andrew, what's your favorite animal?  The one you like the very best?
A:  (puts a finger to his lip and furrows his brow) Hmmmm.......Mommy.

  He was watching Shaun the Sheep on Netflix and the episode ended.  He came to me and stuck his index finger up and said to me very seriously, "Okay, Mommy.  Just ONE more.  Just one."  I think I see what I look like when I tell him that.....

Here are some funny ways he says things:

Emily= Elowee
Pacifier= Pacy-fio
Stuck= Gucks

He has said so many things that crack us up lately, but these are the only ones I can think of right now.

March 17, 2012

Our Life in Pictures

Andrew literally "flying like a birdie"

Emily making her first delivery on the ice cream truck.  She loved it.  This was taken right before she fell off.  She didn't love that.
We all went for a walk since the weather has gotten so beautiful!  Don't they look adorable in their shorts?

Andrew filling the wheels with air.  :)

Daddy and Emily

Mommy and Emily

Still hard at work

She is so cute!

I was checking the lighting on the camera, so I wasn't going to keep the picture (for obvious reasons).  That is, until I saw Emily's face in the back.  For some reason it made the whole picture hilarious to me.

March 11, 2012

The kids - sick yet cute.

This picture is really blurry, but I love it.  I'm not sure which part is cuter, Emily playing with Clifford (right before she sucked on its nose) or Mike and Andrew hugging in the background.

Wearing my shoes

Yeah, he's a big brother.

"Say ah, El-o-weeee."

Poor little guy with his collection of stuff he carried around that day.


March 10, 2012


It started Sunday with Emily's cold/fever/bad ear infection.  She wasn't sleeping well, was crying constantly, and refusing to smile.  It was horrible.  She is finally feeling better with the help of time, a priesthood blessing, and antibiotics.
  We then woke up Friday morning to Andrew throwing up in his bed.  And then all over the living room, and then for the next couple of days.  He's still sick, the poor little guy.
  Now I am getting a cold and feel sick to my stomach.
  Sorry to whine, but we can't catch a break around here.  Anytime I get sick, or the kids get sick, I think of how lucky we are to usually be healthy.  Being healthy is so wonderful.  Being sick is so horrible.
  I'm going to go blow my nose now.

March 2, 2012

Catching Up

Can't resist this face.
Loves her baths!

Blueberry muffins....yum

He likes to decide where and how he eats...

I love my goofball.

Quiche Lorraine...looked not so awesome, tasted like heaven.  Seriously.

Sorry, can't fingure out why these pictures keep coming up sideways...  Here he is brushing his teeth.  He does a remarkably good job - probably because he brushes them a really long time.

Completely amazing.

Going on a date

Maybe I'm mean, but I had to snap a photo.  He is definitely two.  You can tell by the fits.  :)