March 22, 2012

Emily - 9 months

Time to lower the crib.  Emily has decided that sleeping is just not "her thing" anymore.  Too bad for me, and too bad for her brother who shares a room with her.
Our little Eggplant turns 9 months today.  I can hardly believe it.  I was just telling Mike yesterday that when she was born, her calf was as long as my thumb.  I was feeling all sentimental about it, looked over at her in her high chair and she was staring at us with her finger up her nose.  It was hilarious, and reminded me how much more fun they get as they grow up.

On her knees.  This is her newest trick, and she has decided that staying stationary is for chumps.  She was kind of a slug for the first 8 months, so I guess it was a long time coming.  She looks very cute, and has even started to crawl more like a human baby, rather than a worm.  :)
She had her check-up today and did well with her shots.  Here's her stats for those who are interested:

Height: 26.5" (45%)
Weight: 16 lbs 15 oz (25%)
Cuteness:  Off the charts

They didn't say that last one, it was just my best guess.

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Mom said...

I got to go to the doctor with Noah for his 1 year checkup. I wish I could have gone with Emily for her 9 month also. Cute photos.