August 31, 2010

Fish, Loaves,and Me

Lately I've felt a little "stretched-too-thin." Between taking care of the house, taking care of Andrew, taking care of my family in general, and getting some time to myself, I just have been feeling like there just aren't enough hours in the day to do what I need to do, let alone what I would like to do. I felt frustrated.
Then on Sunday, the kids at church were watching bits of "Finding Faith in Christ." When the miracle of Christ feeding the 5,000 came on, I had some personal revelation (that I'm embarassed to admit I hadn't thought of before). If He could divide those few fish and loaves of bread, he can (and will) certainly help me divide my time. I might not be able to do everything, every day. But He can also help me prioritize so that I'm happy with what I can do.
It doesn't seem like much, but it has really helped me to feel more organized and calm.

August 27, 2010


Here's what I say to those 3 1/2 inches I've lost off my waist. Yeah, that's right. I'm awesome.

Don't come back. I never liked you that much, anyway.

Shoo. Go away.

Inches, inches, go away. Don't come back another day.

Ciao. Sayonara. Adios. In plain English - Get outta here, Jack.

August 21, 2010

August 19, 2010

I've just discovered something super fun!!! At, you can rate books you've read, and look to see what your friends are reading and what they enjoy. I know I've seen books on other people's blogs and stuff and thought how much we have in common in things we enjoy, but it's hard to share that. But I really really like the idea of this website. You can even keep a list on there of books you want to read. That way, when you're wondering what you should read next, you can just consult that list. Awesome! Ok, so I don't actually have any friends on there. So, if you like it, please let me know and we can be friends. :) Woohoo for reading!

August 17, 2010

Anyone else think so?

A few things that always make me pause.

1. When people get makeovers on t.v. and their relatives start bawling. "Was I really that bad before?"

2. When people on magazines or t.v. say, "I ballooned up to ___ pounds" and it doesn't really seem that huge. If I ended up looking like a supermodel and went on Oprah or something, I would only go if they promised to not use that horrible phrase.

3. When you have a dream and it makes you mad/sad/happy/confused all day. What's up with that.

Ok, that's it.

August 13, 2010


Five years ago, Michael and I were married. It's been five wonderful years that have passed so quickly, and we've enjoyed every moment.

Love you, Mike!
And FYI...Apparently I have no photos of the two of us together, nor do I have any wedding photos on the computer. Nice.

August 10, 2010

Talking is a good thing..........right?

"Andrew, go get a book and we'll read it together!"

August 8, 2010


There's really no theme here, just me thinking. I give you permission to daydream if you get bored.

1. Isn't it weird that you can be shy, but not shy? Like, I can get in front of a group of people and speak, sing, act, whatever. I can meet new people and not be scared. But it's really hard for me to approach people, and to try to get into a conversation or something. You want more info on this oh, so exciting topic? Okay, I thought you'd never ask. I have friends, and people I talk to at church and spend time with sometimes. But I would really like to have playgroups and hang out with other moms during the day and stuff. But there's no way in HECK that I'm going to try to initiate that. I really don't know why. I really find it strange.
2. Exercise. It really isn't that bad. I mean, afterwards, even though you may feel gross and worn-out, ultimately you always feel good about taking care of yourself. Mike and I both started working out this week and even though I feel sore, I'm really glad I'm doing this. For myself, and for my family. Also, I really want to wear cute turtleneck sweaters and that box labeled "Fit-less clothes" is dying to be opened.
3. I really, really, really love my family. I can't believe how blessed I am. I'm not just talking about Michael and Andrew (even though of course I do mean them). Nor am I just talking about my Barnard family (see previous parentheses). I also mean my in-laws. They are so special to me, and I really appreciate every one of them. They are warm, funny, open, and so wonderful to each other, and to me. I'm a really lucky girl.
4. Aren't toads cute? We have seen quite a few lately, and those little hoppers are so little and cute.

And on that intelligent note, I bid you farewell...until the next post. :)

August 7, 2010

Oh, the things he can do....

He can always find a way to crack us up.
He can be inventive with his dinner, and make a mess while doing it.
He can feed himself yogurt with a spoon....and without. And don't forget the making a mess thing. He's an expert.
He can find a comfy seat anywhere he goes.
.................. etc etc etc.

August 5, 2010

Baby Boom

No, this isn't an announcement. I've just noticed a lot of pregnant people in my life, and it got me thinking about the past little-over-a-year or so of my life. Every mom and every baby are different, but just going by my experiences so far - here's a little something I like to call
"There Will Be Times."

1. There will be times where you ignore the poopy diaper in the hopes that you husband will notice it and you won't have to change it.
2. There will be times when you feel you can't get enough pictures of your kid, because they are just too darn cute and funny. You will feel that no picture can truly capture your sweet little one.
3. There will be times when you literally feel yourself going insane. This can be either from lack of sleep, lack of intelligent conversation, or lack of food.
4. There will be times when all you can do is laugh while looking at your child freaking out because you won't let him play with the electrical cords.
5. There will be times when you worry about the future of your child, hoping they never have to suffer some of the struggles and trials that you and others you care about have had to endure.
6. There will be times when you cry, purely because you love your child so much and have no outlet for your immense happiness.
7. There will be times when you cry, purely because you just don't want to take care of the kid right now and you feel guilty.
8. There will be times when you make yourself feel guilty over really stupid things.
9. There will be times when, no matter how much you hate that you're doing it, you succumb to using the electronic babysitter.
10. There will be times when you realize that no one (not even your spouse) wants to hear one more "my son" story.
11. There will be times when you hold your sleeping baby and marvel at your amazing blessing.
12. There will be times when you get frustrated and sound meaner than you mean to.
13. There will be times when you can't wait for someone to babysit your kid.
14. There will be times when you can't wait to see him again.
15. There will be times when you miss them while they sleep.
16. There will be times when you compare yourself to other mothers.
17. There will be times when you want to scream, "Hey, Lady-in-the-Grocery-Store, I know how to raise my kid!!!"
18. There will be times when you and/or the kid haven't bathed in........awhile. Especially when they're newborns. You will stink. They will stink. It will stink.
19. There will be times when you are counting down the Sundays until the kid's in nursery.
20. There will be times of frustration, times of trial, times of joy, times of anger, times of reflection, times of laughter, times of tears, times of playtime, and times of sadness.

But mostly, there will be times of motherhood.
And I can't think of a greater time than right now.

August 3, 2010


I've really been enjoying reading this year. I've read a total of 40 books thus far, and have really enjoyed expanding my mind just a little bit more. Here are a few I've really enjoyed so far.

Little Women, Little Men, and Jo's Boys - I don't think I'll ever read it again, but it was nice to be able to see how they all turned out and to spend some more time with my friends. :) Little Women and Little Men are to me two of the most amazing books written. I love them!

The Secret Garden - I enjoy this book. It's kind of magical and yet interesting. It gets a little too flowery sometimes, but overall it's really enjoyable. Harry Potter Series- I wouldn't necessarily say that they are the best written books of all time, but especially when I get into the 5th, 6th, and especially the 7th books, I literally don't want to put them down. I've read them more times than I probably care to admit, but I really like them. I read them in anticipation of the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 coming out in November. Big mistake to read them so early in the year. I now honestly cannot wait to see it.......

The Hunger Games and Catching Fire- I was pretty skeptical to say the least about this book series, but I pretty much went without sleep and let the house get into complete shambles while reading these two books. The third book comes out later this month, and I already have it pre-ordered. Seriously seriously can't wait.
Those are just a few of the books I can think of off the top of my head that I've been reading. What are you reading? Any suggestions for me?

August 1, 2010

Trip to St Louis and Columbia Move

We recently went on a little trip to St. Louis. Due to some poor planning on our part, all our family out there was pretty much out of town! :) We did get to visit Mike's grandparents and that was wonderful! We also stayed in a hotel, which is one of my absolute favorite parts of travelling. (We didn't do it as kids very much so I guess it's still a novelty!) Andrew had a blast running around and pulling the toilet paper off the roll.

Here he is sitting on his high chair.
Here we are seeing the stingrays at the zoo. They are so soft, it's amazing! Andrew didn't realize there was anything in there until right at the end when one flopped up out of the water. His face was so priceless!
We bought a tart at a French pastry shop here in St. Louis for Bastille Day. It was soooo good!
The three of us at the Art Museum. It was so freaking hot outside that it was nice to be able to be in the air conditioning for awhile!
We brought his harness, and boy were we glad we did. Andrew likes it, and it helped us keep him from running away into the priceless peices of art. That's a good thing.
Now on to Columbia. Andrew was sooo excited to help Michael put his crib up. It was adorable.
Sleeping soundly. We tried to move the blanket, but he kept pulling it back up, even in his sleep.