August 8, 2010


There's really no theme here, just me thinking. I give you permission to daydream if you get bored.

1. Isn't it weird that you can be shy, but not shy? Like, I can get in front of a group of people and speak, sing, act, whatever. I can meet new people and not be scared. But it's really hard for me to approach people, and to try to get into a conversation or something. You want more info on this oh, so exciting topic? Okay, I thought you'd never ask. I have friends, and people I talk to at church and spend time with sometimes. But I would really like to have playgroups and hang out with other moms during the day and stuff. But there's no way in HECK that I'm going to try to initiate that. I really don't know why. I really find it strange.
2. Exercise. It really isn't that bad. I mean, afterwards, even though you may feel gross and worn-out, ultimately you always feel good about taking care of yourself. Mike and I both started working out this week and even though I feel sore, I'm really glad I'm doing this. For myself, and for my family. Also, I really want to wear cute turtleneck sweaters and that box labeled "Fit-less clothes" is dying to be opened.
3. I really, really, really love my family. I can't believe how blessed I am. I'm not just talking about Michael and Andrew (even though of course I do mean them). Nor am I just talking about my Barnard family (see previous parentheses). I also mean my in-laws. They are so special to me, and I really appreciate every one of them. They are warm, funny, open, and so wonderful to each other, and to me. I'm a really lucky girl.
4. Aren't toads cute? We have seen quite a few lately, and those little hoppers are so little and cute.

And on that intelligent note, I bid you farewell...until the next post. :)


L said...

new blog address!!

Natalie said...

I think you left out the part about awesome friends?