August 1, 2010

Trip to St Louis and Columbia Move

We recently went on a little trip to St. Louis. Due to some poor planning on our part, all our family out there was pretty much out of town! :) We did get to visit Mike's grandparents and that was wonderful! We also stayed in a hotel, which is one of my absolute favorite parts of travelling. (We didn't do it as kids very much so I guess it's still a novelty!) Andrew had a blast running around and pulling the toilet paper off the roll.

Here he is sitting on his high chair.
Here we are seeing the stingrays at the zoo. They are so soft, it's amazing! Andrew didn't realize there was anything in there until right at the end when one flopped up out of the water. His face was so priceless!
We bought a tart at a French pastry shop here in St. Louis for Bastille Day. It was soooo good!
The three of us at the Art Museum. It was so freaking hot outside that it was nice to be able to be in the air conditioning for awhile!
We brought his harness, and boy were we glad we did. Andrew likes it, and it helped us keep him from running away into the priceless peices of art. That's a good thing.
Now on to Columbia. Andrew was sooo excited to help Michael put his crib up. It was adorable.
Sleeping soundly. We tried to move the blanket, but he kept pulling it back up, even in his sleep.

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Jennifer said...

Do people celebrate Bastille Day? I don't even know what to say to that.