December 30, 2010

Christmasy Time

These pictures are all backwards. Sorry! :)

Andrew with one of his favorite presents - a popup tent from Grandma and Grandpa Barnard. LOVES IT.
A lot.
Playing Hide and Go Seek with his cousins. He wasn't very good.
Some of us had a little too much fun on Christmas.
All bundled and ready to visit family.
Opening presents with Daddy.
And with Mommy.
In his Christmasy pjs. Holding his Piglet. Could he be any cuter?
Tree and stocking.
Listening to Mommy's new iPod.
Putting up his stocking.
Again listening to the iPod (the Irish Descendants!)
Having tons of fun in the snow. He loved laying in it.

Hope you had a great holiday. We sure did!

December 24, 2010

Visiting Santa, Haircut

I have the best husband. While I was at my parent's house, Mike took some breaks in studying to clean and organize the entire upstairs (not an easy task with all the clutter we seem to have collected lately. Time for another purge, I think.) I was so grateful. He even got the rest of the Christmas decorations up and re-arranged the furniture to optimize space. Gotta love that guy. And besides all that, he happens to be quite the little Martha Stewart.
The bookshelf- all Christmasy and functional!
Santa's bag with the gifts inside! This didn't get to stay long as Andrew tried to play Santa and pull all the presents out, but it was so cute while it lasted.
Andrew watching Blue's Clues while getting his hair cut. He was definitely interested in what Daddy was doing behind him, but turning off his brain a bit helped. :) He does love him some Blue's Clues.
Gotta love those little legs. Seriously.
The finished product. Our own Little Lord Fauntleroy.
Just because he's goofy. Please ignore the see-food.
Andrew thought Santa was pretty awesome. He ran right up to him, but then was kind of hesitant to climb on his lap until he spied the bells on his suit. And on the right is me doing my best impersonation of Quasimodo.
As I was backing up, I heard Santa say to Andrew, "And what do you want for Christmas this year?" For some reason, this almost made me cry! I think I'll always miss Andrew at all the little stages of his life - I miss my little newborn, my little baby, my unsteady toddler, and I know I'll miss my cutie little toddler. But you know, it has been super fun to watch him grow up. He really does get more fun every day. It's exciting to see his progress in all areas, and for some reason hearing Santa talk to him like he does with every other little boy was fun. I love Santa. And Christmas. And my little guy. It's been a fun month. Anyway, that was way longer than I meant it to be. Sorry.
Apparently he was ready to get down. We got a shot from Bass Pro but I haven't scanned it, so this is the closest you are going to get! :)
THIS is why he was so excited to get down. They had a little game set up by Santa where you "shot" a "gun" at targets. Andrew thought it looked amazing, and really wanted to play with it.
You'll shoot your eye out, kid.
Merry Christmas from the Jacobs!

December 23, 2010

Just braggin'...

We're having some people over tonight for games and snacks, so I decided to make all our likenesses in snowmen and put them on brownies. I must say, they turned out so cute.

The Jacobs Family - Michael, Karen, Andrew, and the Unknown but Not Forgotten Baby of Yet to Come (in June).
The Bells- Quentin, Natalie, Brady (soon to make an appearance!), and Butters the dog.
The Funks who are so sweet to each other. :)
All of us.
Ok, these may be the cutest things I have ever created. I can't stop laughing when I see them. Too cute. I got the idea from Martha Stewart (she put snowmen on cupcakes) but had to improvise on a lot of the decorating, and we thought making families with the kids being the mini marshmallows was cute. Anyway. Cute.

December 22, 2010


So cute. Loved it!!

December 20, 2010

December Update

We have had a lot going on this month. Here's my first attempt to catch up...

Andrew moving the mouse on the advent calendar.
Andrew and I went to visit my parents while Michael was busy studying for finals. Jeanette and Jason came down at the end of the week. We had a really good time, but were glad to be back.
I asked Jeanette to look at the camera for a second, and this is the shot I got. She wasn't pulling a face or anything. It was just really late. We laughed so hard when we saw it.
Sorry Jeanette. But this picture is too good.
We made cinnamon rolls. Don't they look amazing? They were.
Cutting the dough.
Thanks Mom, for teaching us!
Helpful Andrew carrying a chair for my mom.
This picture is really blurry, but shows the buddies. Andrew was stuck to his grandpa like glue. It was the cutest thing ever, and I think he might have Grandpa wrapped around his little finger now.
The hair. Oh my gosh, the hair. After we got home from the trip, Michael cut his hair. I'll post pictures of that later. Can you believe his hair?? It looked slightly better after he had his bath, but oh my gosh. I think a family of rats was living in there.
Watching Blues Clue's on the computer.
He loved the tree at Grandma and Grandpa Barnard's house.
This soda fell out of the fridge and landed KLUNK exactly like that. And stuck. It was the weirdest thing. My dad called me in to see it. We were kind of shocked!
Andrew's first day of Nursery. He loved it. He really loves playing with the other kids, and he knows the nursery leader and really loves her, too, so the transition has been painless. (Except that we can't believe he's so quickly growing up!)

December 19, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

On this, the first of my many back-up blog postings, we will go back to earlier this month and the (early) celebration of Natalie and my birthday! We first went out to dinner at Rio Grande and then got a tree and decorated it.

Me and Natalie with our gifts from each other. (And I realize this picture looks ridiculous. You'd think I could have just moved over to sit by her....)
Quentin enjoying the festivities with a little jig.
Natalie picked the perfect tree, but we put it back because it was too tall. :)
The little family with our friendly little tree.
The Bells - it was really cold, but at least it wasn't as cold as last year!
Andrew helping to tighten the tree stand. He is soooo helpful. :) And sooooooo cute.
Did I mention he's helpful? Even with the lights.
Quentin couldn't have done it without him.
Decorating the tree. (No, of COURSE he wasn't just pulling an ornament off here. Sheesh. Ok, maybe he was.)
Making the Bells do the dirty work. Isn't that what Christmas is all about?
Tired lady hanging up an ornament.
The gang (and me with a broken neck apparently)

I've really slacked off lately on blogging, so this will be the first of many........ :) Merry Christmas!!