December 4, 2010

Quick Thanksgiving Review

This picture really tells it all. The trip was tons of fun, and extremely exhausting!

Here's Andrew at Dewey's with our friend Lindi and her brothers for lunch. He grabbed the lemon and went to town. He's so funny.
My dad and brother Michael relaxing after church.

Michael opening his birthday present from my parents- a gift card for the Olive Garden.
Michael carving the turkey.

This picture cracks me up. It completely looks like Mikes #2 and 3 are square dancing.

Grandpa helping Andrew eat his yogurt.

A cute picture of the Brave Beasleys who allowed all of us to come stay at their house for the weekend.

This picture turned out way to light, but I thought it was a cute one of my sister Jeanette, who is due in March.

My sister Laura gave Andrew his little nerd shirt. It would have been a better picture if he had been standing up, but he was a little too preoccupied with his Mr. Potato Head. That shirt is seriously adorable.

Sierra reading Andrew a book.

Thanksgiving was really fun, but we were sure glad to get home.

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