September 29, 2009

Menus and More

Inspired by friend Jennifer, I recently decided it was time to take menu planning into my daily routine. I made it up for the whole month, with the idea that it can be changed, but at least then it's done. It's hard to think of something new for each night... Since Michael brings his lunch each day and I eat lunch here, we figured what we had for dinner the previous night would become lunch for the next day. Also, I knew I'd be more inspired to follow the menu if I made it cute - note the Halloween theme.

Here's an up-close shot. I tried to include sides, although sometimes they look a little wonky. We went grocery shopping last night together (which was super nice) and bought only what we'll need for the week. It saved a lot of money, and since the food sounds really great, we were less tempted to buy junk.

This is definitely my favorite part of the menu. The bat turned out so cute!!

In other news, this is how I caught Andrew sleeping in his bouncy seat yesterday. Sooo comfortable. And no, his neck wasn't broken.

This is our front door. I just thought it looked pretty autumn-y. Yay fall!

My to do list yesterday. Note that the only thing marked off is "Get Dressed" and that the kid is lying naked on the ground. This was at 12:30... Oy vey. Most of that is done now, thankfully.

My feet look REALLY weird in this one. This was bedtime on Sunday.

An exceptionally cute smile from Andrew. Not a great shot, but he's such a happy little bugger.

I looked down and he and Grover were basically in the same position so I had to grab a shot. And yes, he's wearing undies. Those puppies are our prize possession.

September 28, 2009

Kool-Aid Kevin

Have you seen the Office? I love that show more than I should. Kevin is stinking hilarious - especially when he made his "Kool-Aid Man" face. I laughed for 10 minutes straight. No lie.
So, this is a stupid post, but least it's not about Andrew, eh? :)

September 25, 2009

A Little Glimpse

Here's a glimpse into our evening last night.


Except that milk was involved, so it was healthy.


September 23, 2009

All in the jeans

Seriously. Could he be any cuter?

September 21, 2009

Squashed and Stretched

This was the best lunch. I don't know when yellow squash started tasting so good, does.

How did this onsie get so out of shape, you may ask?

How indeed.

Cause Daddy was in charge. That's why. Gotta love that funky outfit. :) And that fun daddy!
(Note the massive wet spot on the front of his onsie. Drool-machine strikes again!)

September 19, 2009

Fat Lip

Andrew was sleeping on my lap and I looked down and saw....

This. Fat little lips.

September 16, 2009

Halloween for a baby

I need a costume for Andrew for Halloween. I'm thinking a monster would be freaking awesome! I don't want to buy one, though which could cause a problem since I don't really sew... We have a sock monkey costume but I don't think it's going to fit... We also have a skeleton onsie... Help.

September 9, 2009

Beautiful food

We had a couple of people over for a Labor Day barbeque. I don't know what happened, but we ended up with SO much food. I mean, it was ridiculous. You'd pick something up and by the time you were finished with it, there was no spot for it anymore. It was the black-hole of foods. It was delicious, and I was really digging the beautiful colors!
We bought the biggest watermelon ever. Seriously, I cut up half of it, and it filled 2 big bowls and a large platter. Sheesh!
An amazingly fuzzy picture of our friends Natalie and Quentin. We had them over for our barbeque. Andrew loves those two. Everytime he sees Quentin, he smiles. We think they're pretty fun, too. :)

Salmon and corn on the grill.

Brat burgers, hot dogs, and amazing chicken. I just did a spice rub on it and let it sit for an hour before we grilled it and it was sooooooooo delicious! I call the burned hot dog!! I love my meat "hockey-puck style."

Tomatoes and cucumbers drizzled with a touch of Italian dressing. It would have looked better, but I was running out of time. I love the colors, though.

Grapes and strawberries. Mmmmmmm......

3 months

Figuring out he can turn in circles in his Johnny Jump-up now.

Rolling over! :)

Adoring his cousin Zach

Asleep in his swing. He wouldn't straighten up and had such an indention when he woke up!

"Woah. What are those things?!" He's slowly discovering that he has a body. :)

Probably the cutest daddy-baby shot we have! I love this picture!!!

Me and the cute little Jellybean

Please call off the papirazzi

Could he look any cuter in jeans?

Cute boys!!! I love those guys!

September 8, 2009

Creepy crawlies

I think I know what Bob Barker's #1 fear is.
Can you imagine? He dies and all of the sudden he hears...
I thought of that Sunday morning and it cracked me up. Ahem. Anyway, on to the post.
Today I was taking pictures of little Andy during his tummy time. I was thinking how great he was doing at holding himself up when all of the sudden I was realizing that he had flipped over on his back. He's like a trained dog! He can roll over! He looked quite as surprised as I did, then got a huge smile on his face. I cheered him on and he almost got back onto his tummy. I helped him out and there he went again! I was so proud of that little cutie. He then got a determined look on his face, saw his stuffed lamb, and got up on his little knees and army crawled toward it!!!! Now granted, this wasn't across the room or anything, but maybe a few inches. Still, I was totally impressed. Then he gave up and put his face in the blanket and kicked himself forward while dragging his face along, crying. Ah well, he is a baby after all! Pictures to come next post!