September 29, 2009

Menus and More

Inspired by friend Jennifer, I recently decided it was time to take menu planning into my daily routine. I made it up for the whole month, with the idea that it can be changed, but at least then it's done. It's hard to think of something new for each night... Since Michael brings his lunch each day and I eat lunch here, we figured what we had for dinner the previous night would become lunch for the next day. Also, I knew I'd be more inspired to follow the menu if I made it cute - note the Halloween theme.

Here's an up-close shot. I tried to include sides, although sometimes they look a little wonky. We went grocery shopping last night together (which was super nice) and bought only what we'll need for the week. It saved a lot of money, and since the food sounds really great, we were less tempted to buy junk.

This is definitely my favorite part of the menu. The bat turned out so cute!!

In other news, this is how I caught Andrew sleeping in his bouncy seat yesterday. Sooo comfortable. And no, his neck wasn't broken.

This is our front door. I just thought it looked pretty autumn-y. Yay fall!

My to do list yesterday. Note that the only thing marked off is "Get Dressed" and that the kid is lying naked on the ground. This was at 12:30... Oy vey. Most of that is done now, thankfully.

My feet look REALLY weird in this one. This was bedtime on Sunday.

An exceptionally cute smile from Andrew. Not a great shot, but he's such a happy little bugger.

I looked down and he and Grover were basically in the same position so I had to grab a shot. And yes, he's wearing undies. Those puppies are our prize possession.


Jeanette and Jason said...

Okay the Grover/Andrew picture is ADORABLE. Ethan was playing with my Grover on Sunday.

Cute menu. Cute baby. Oh, and yes your feet look kind of wonky in that picture but you look cute.

Cute wreath.

You put me to shame. :)

Jeanette and Jason said...

Oh, one more thing. You can make all those things?? Holy toledo. Seriously you put me to shame. Most of the things on your menu are things I would see in some magazine and think, "who really can make all those things". My menu would be something like this
italian chicken

Kudos to you!

Jennifer said...

Look at you with your menu all cute and everything. I tend to just jot mine down on the back of old homework papers and hide mine on the side of the fridge. Anyway, yay for menu planning, adorable babies, and Grover wearing undies.

And that photo... with the feet... it's kind of freakin' me out.

timpani76 said...

You guys eat boiled cabbage? The other stuff sounded good. Baby pics are always the cutest! Keep them coming!