September 9, 2009

3 months

Figuring out he can turn in circles in his Johnny Jump-up now.

Rolling over! :)

Adoring his cousin Zach

Asleep in his swing. He wouldn't straighten up and had such an indention when he woke up!

"Woah. What are those things?!" He's slowly discovering that he has a body. :)

Probably the cutest daddy-baby shot we have! I love this picture!!!

Me and the cute little Jellybean

Please call off the papirazzi

Could he look any cuter in jeans?

Cute boys!!! I love those guys!


Jeanette and Jason said...


I see you did a fall background too. Good! I love it. Now if only we could get some fall coolness.

Veronica said...

It was so good to see you on Sunday. I forget how much I miss having people my own age until I see you and Mike! Andrew looks great. Love the pics! I need one of those jumpers. My arms are pooped!