September 21, 2009

Squashed and Stretched

This was the best lunch. I don't know when yellow squash started tasting so good, does.

How did this onsie get so out of shape, you may ask?

How indeed.

Cause Daddy was in charge. That's why. Gotta love that funky outfit. :) And that fun daddy!
(Note the massive wet spot on the front of his onsie. Drool-machine strikes again!)


Mom said...

What a cutie! By the way, you left a white shirt at our house. Do you need me to mail it or save it here until Halloween?

Karen said...

You can just save it. Thanks. :)

Law Fool said...

I'm glad you're in charge of the home front, because I would have spelled onsie, onesey. Or 'baby suit'