August 24, 2015


We've had a good summer so far.  The weather has started to cool off a bit (in the 80's) and I couldn't be happier about that.
Gotta love this super happy boy.  

 Mike is the best dad.  He came home with bats, balls, and a t-ball stand.  The kids had SO much fun!
Their form was impeccable.

Future baseball players here.

 For sure....
 Two cute boys!
I love these adorable kids.
 Another great idea from Mike - a jam tasting party.  The kids had the best time.
It was a hit.

A big hit.

With everyone.

The kids love wearing washcloths on their heads to "protect them from the sun."  Emily adds a bib for extra protection.

Popsicles are a big hit.

Sprinklers are too, although they aren't as effective with an umbrella.

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