August 19, 2015

Picture Failures=Happy Memories

I know this is not any news to you, but our family does not take great pictures.  I always think that maybe if I take a billion of them, one of them will be "perfect."  But it doesn't.  Soooo....I've come to the realization that for us, these are perfect.  If I want to look back at an accurate portrayal of our lives, it certainly isn't going to be all 6 of us looking at a camera and smiling.  It will be more like...
This...(I felt the same way as sweet baby pouty here.)

  And this....(I kind of love this one.)

 Definitely this one.
And like this...(Andrew reading a book to Emily.  She's apparently choosing the next one.  Not sure she'll find one in there, though.)

This camera is not in use (it's a film camera that isn't working) but it DOES make a click when you push the button.  Our kids are having the times of their lives with it.

And here's a great one he took with my camera.  It's one of many. I love those sweet little feet.
When I try to take a picture of this girl, she smiles for 3 seconds and then runs in circles.  When Charlie "takes" her picture, she stands like this for literally a minute while he takes pictures.  Funny kids.
And as a bonus, our little Bumbo-head.

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Jennifer said...

I feel ya. My kids hate having their picture taken. The only way I can even get Asher to look in my direction is to bribe him with candy.