August 19, 2015

Emily Amelia

Emily has become quite the little artist.  Mostly she draws people, suns, and hair on any animal she has me draw.  (To make them girls.)
 This is my very favorite picture so far.  Her teeth.

 She came in when I was taking pictures of all her drawings so came in with an armload of scribbles for me.  She was very proud.
Emily spoke in front of all the little kids at church.  She was SO excited.  I asked her what she wanted to speak on and she wrote her own talk.  Then she drew this picture of Jesus.  His eggy-ness and his beard.  She asked how to spell Jesus and wrote it.  Then she wrote "Albi" which I can only assume is her alibi.
 She adores Henry, makes him smile constantly, and always has a kiss or a "goochie-goochie goo" for him.  She truly, 100%, without a doubt believes that if he tried he could become a girl.  And that some day he will.

She definitely has some dramatic moments in her little four year old day, but I must admit that I will miss these days.  Some day she will no longer call mustard "bustard."  Some day she will not want me to pretend to pop off her fingers so she can put them back on with her magic.  Some day she will stop making up songs about everything she's doing.  She won't think everything around her is "marvelous."  She will no longer introduce herself to everyone like so: Hi, I'm Emily and I am four.  I'm a girl and I LOOOVE purple!  She won't want me to hold her.  She will be older and I will wonder at how quickly she has grown.  My life may be a little louder, a little more stressful, and a little more dramatic with this girl around, but it is infinitely better with her in it. 
I love you, tiny girl!

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