August 7, 2009

Gratitude Fridge

Mike had a great idea while unpacking. We bought some magnetic letters and have decided to keep a running list of things we're grateful for on the fridge. That way, we'll be forced to look for things to be grateful for. Our list so far is:

1. 2 Bathrooms - that's 2 showers, so guests have their own bathroom. Pretty great!

2. Washer & Dryer - our dryer was on it's last leg (you had to run it twice to get anything dry) and our washer broke after moving in. We were going to have to spend money we didn't really have on new ones, but found an awesome refurbished appliance store here in town and got a really great set for $250. Wow!

3. Little Family - we love being a little family in our new place. :)

4. Ice Cream - there's a place here in town called Andy's (Andrew is very excited about that, I'm sure.) and it....RIVALS TED DREWES. Seriously. I love this place more than I should. It's frozen custard and it just tastes..................Sorry, I'm back now.

5. Crib - We are so grateful to have this sweet little crib for the baby. He loves it. When you put him in it, he smiles and baby-talks like crazy. So cute.

6. Mailbox- Call us dorks, but we like having a real life mailbox. I've never had one in my whole life (post office box, door slots, etc.)

7. Chip - Michael lost his memory chip to his phone a couple weeks ago. It had photos, information, journal notes, sound clips, etc. and we were sad to see that go, especially Mike. We didn't find it while packing but still prayed that we would be able to find it. I was SHOCKED when I found the little chip just sitting on our coffee table yesterday. WOW!

It's a great little idea, and I'm so glad my husband is so fun. :) And yes, we did alphabetize the letters to make it easier. I had so much fun doing that, it was ridiculous.


Jeanette and Jason said...

Good idea. I think you forgot to put my name up there though. :)

Renae said...

What a funny thing to have lived your life to adulthood without a mailbox. Weird!

My fav. is the "lil fam" so cute!

timpani76 said...

I'm with Jeanette, where's my name? ;)

Veronica said...

Hey you guys!!! I saw your blog and loved the idea so I totally copied you... mine is :) How much does your munchkin weigh? Ava is 13.13 as of yesterday!