August 17, 2009


Somehow our whole little family has gotten a summer cold. No fun for anyone, especially not for new moms, a little baby, and a guy who starts law school tomorrow. Blech.

On the up side, baby snot has been added to Andrew's masterpiece canvas- my t-shirt. It joins its fluid brothers - puke, pee, and drool. (Clap, clap, clap).

Luckily it's not a horrible one, and it should end soon. In the meanwhile, I'll continue to be depressed when his nose is stopped up and he screams when he realizes that I'm using the devil-bulb again. Poor Jellybean.


timpani76 said...

Vance hated his bulb sucker! He had allergies, so we were always squirting saline up his nose and then sucking it out so he could breathe, and sleep. I felt like screaming "this is for your own good!" Pretty sure babies don't get that ;)

Veronica said...

Ava puts up with hers for a few sucks then she starts whining. If I dont stop then she yells. Poor kids. Hang in there... at least it's over soon.

Jeanette and Jason said...

Poor little guy. I see Timpani wrote about saline but I just wanted to say that Jason's mom said to squirt saline up his nose and then a couple seconds later suck it. It makes it easier.

Amy said...

The word "devil-bulb" just made me laugh until I was choking to death.