April 10, 2012


Daddy and Andrew watching the elephants
We had to go to a funeral on Friday for a dear family member, but decided to come a day earlier to have a mini-family vacation.  We went to the zoo, and had the best time!  Andrew was so impressed with all the animals.  Emily was a little sweetie (as usual).  I'll have to put a couple more posts on here to catch up.

Snuggly babies

Andrew watching the ducks.  He loved carrying around the map and tried to stop people by saying, "Excuse me.  I have a map."

Playing with the boat in the children's zoo

Hugging the goats.  He ran from goat to goat saying, "Hi goats.  Hey goats."

Proof I was there.  Proof that the flash was on.  She cracks me up.

Action shot on the slide

On the gorilla


Mommy and Andrew watching the elephants.  He was so impressed.  Bringing a kid who's old enough to the zoo is so awesome.  It made me realize how amazing the world really is, and how wonderful it is that we can see all these beautiful animals.

The kids were pretty exhausted by the end.  Em fell asleep and Andrew actually stayed in the stroller by the end.  :)


Jeanette said...

I could once again comment on every picture but I will just say that those kids are adorable and I want to go to the zoo so bad. And you look good. And I miss you guys.

Laura said...

Excuse me....do you have a map?

Natalie said...

The zoo is awesome! Maybe Andrew can help us with the map sometime...

Mom said...

I LOVE the picture of the kids after they crashed in the stroller!