May 7, 2015

Andrew, Emily, and Charlie

Life with four kids can a tad bit overwhelming for everyone in the family, but overall, we've been having a good time!  All the kids love the baby and so far haven't had any jealousy issues.  Emily has been acting out a little bit more, but as I said, overall it's been great!
Here's Emily making a flying worm out of playdough.  I absolutely love seeing the creative way her mind works.

It's been so nice out, and that has definitely been helping keep the kids entertained.

Daddy always has fun things for the kids to do.  Here the kids got to roast marshmallows.

We had a robin's nest outside our window and it was so fun to see them grow up and learn to fly.  This picture is an accurate portrayal of how the fledglings looked in the end.  They were all 4 almost as big as their mama and huddled in the nest.  Cute little kiddos.

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