May 8, 2009

Fog and Rain

I love fog! I came outside this morning a little before 7 and the whole street was foggy. It's scary to drive in, but to walk in it is like walking in the clouds!

I love rain, except for when you get soaked and then have to come back into the air conditioning at work with wet Birkenstock sandals. Blech.


timpani76 said...

I love rain except when it comes down as hail and tries to smash my tomatoe plants ;)

Jennifer said...

So I stopped by to check on your creepy floating baby on your sidebar--10 days to go! Holy Cow! (And why do I get the feeling that your actual baby isn't gracefully and serenely bouncing around your abdomen like that....)

Jennifer said...

Oh, and don't be offended about Zach's "boring" comment--he said that about our house, too, and we have three kids to play with, toys galore, swings and rope ladders in our basement, etc. Kids!