March 23, 2014


We had some pretty fun visitors come to Bolivar this weekend!  My Aunt Wanda and Uncle David made the drive to spend the weekend with us and the kids.  Andrew has been counting down the days, and as we predicted, the kids won't be content for awhile because they'll be missing them and all the fun we had!  :)
We went out to eat a few times and since we very rarely do that, and it's even rarer for the kids to be with us, it was a real treat!  Emily told us yesterday that she wanted to "go to a restaurant and be a princess."  I'm not really sure what that meant.  Then as soon as she woke up today she said she wanted to go to a restaurant and eat macaroni and cheese.  :)
They did pretty well in the restaurant.  Emily sang songs to keep herself (and everyone around her) occupied.  Charlie threw sugar packets on the ground, and Andrew sat pretty quietly drinking his water and asking if we just had to wait "a little while."
On Friday we had pretty nice weather, so we went to Dickerson Zoo in Springfield.  Andrew loved the giraffe statue.
 Emily saw this picture today and said, "My Wanda givin' me a ride."  Andrew and Charlie wanted to be out and running around, but Emily prefers the princess treatment.
On Saturday, we went to the Discovery Center in Springfield.  I worried that the kids might be too little to enjoy it, but no worries there!  Charlie loved looking at everyone and everything, and Andrew and Emily were completely enthralled with all the exhibits and things to do.  It was really fun, and completely up Andrew's alley.  He asked if we could go back today to "do more Science."  I think we'll look into getting a year pass.
Clockwise: 1.  They had a room for kids 5 and under and we spent quite a lot of time there. 2. Andrew on a bed of nails.  He did that about 10 times.  3.  Emily spent 15 minutes on this one exhibit alone.  She would have been there longer, but we moved on.  4.  Me trying to get the boys to play with puppets.  Andrew said he didn't want to, and Charlie came over and took it off my hand and violently threw it on the ground.  I gave up.  :)
Like I said, ALL the kids had a good time at the Discovery Center.  :) 
To sum it all up, I'll just use Andrew's words. 
"Mom, I think I just love Uncle David."
Thank you David and Wanda for coming to see us and for all the fun times!  We hope to see you again soon!  We love you!

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