March 10, 2014

Rashes and Other Exciting News

A few weeks ago, I got a rash.  We thought maybe it was poison ivy because Mike had it and I did his laundry.  But came back!  These pictures don't quite do it justice, but it's all over my arms, face, and neck.  It is super itchy and awful.  Yes, I'm whining.  I guess it's an allergy of some sort.  Time to see an allergist.  Blech.
 Charlie has a little cold and feels yucky.  But apparently he was feeling pretty chill yesterday.
 Emily started potty training today!  She has had one success and one failure.  She is excited about the whole thing, so I'm hopeful!  Here she is watching an episode of Daniel Tiger about potty training and eating pretzels.  I'm sad that my baby is growing up, but happy that she is becoming such a sweet little girl.  We are so proud of her.

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Mom said...

Such cute little kiddos. I sure do hope they can control your rash, Karen. That can be so miserable.