March 5, 2014


Recently I was visiting my parents.  During church, Charlie got loud and I had to take him out.  While we were in the hall and I noticed my friend in the hall with her youngest.  My dear friend recently lost her husband.  She is one of the most wonderful, faithful women I have ever had the privilege of knowing.  Even though she has several boys to take care of, and I'm sure her future often seems scary, she goes forward with a brave heart and a strong will. 
  I was looking at her and thinking how pathetic I was, having missed my husband who was gone for a few days only.  Even though it was only 3 days or so, I missed him so much.  It was then that I realized that my friend and I were holding on to the same hope.
  We were both separated from our husbands.  We both had hope that it wouldn't be forever.  My situation was different because I knew exactly when I would see him again.  Her hope was eternal.
  I am so grateful for my knowledge of eternal families.  It gives us hope.

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Mom said...

Your friend is a wonderful example for us all to follow. Despite the pain I know she feels, she is strong and faithful.

I know what you mean about missing your husband when you are away from him. It seems like this year Alan and I have been closer to one another than ever before. I'm SO glad he is an eternal part of my life.