March 17, 2014

More About My Rash...Yes, seriously.

So it didn't get better.  It got worse - much worse!  It was all over my neck, face, ears (and inside my ears), arms, and even the back of my neck spreading to my back.  The doctor said it was an allergic reaction and that the first round of steroids wasn't strong enough.  We could go to an allergist but there's it would be a long, expensive road.  So, we're going to try a different antihistamine and a stronger dose of steroids.  Who knows, maybe I'll get super buff or be awesome at baseball from taking all these steroids.  Haha. 
These pictures were taken 5 days ago and I'm feeling much better.  Believe it or not, I was trying to just look into the camera, not show my misery.  And believe it or not, the rash actually looked way worse in person. 
I was so grateful that the kids were so good at the doctor's office.  What sweet little kids we have!

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