January 31, 2014

Just a Reminder

I hate summer.  I have grown to not love winter.  It should be cold and snowy up until New Years, and then I would be content for Spring to come until September when fall takes over.
But I am really over this cold weather.  It's driving me crazy.  The kids can't really play outside, we have to bundle up like crazy, and our electric bill is way too high for our house to be this chilly.  (It's fine, I'm just whiny.)  So this is a reminder to myself come the middle of May when it's blazing hot and I'm daydreaming of cold winter nights.
Warm weather means the kids can play outside basically whenever they want.  We can leave the doors and windows open and air out the house.
We can garden!  We can do outdoors activity.  We can blow bubbles and play with chalk and splash in puddles.  We will get dirty and have a great time doing it.
The sun will be nice and warm.  We will start to look a bit less pasty.
Summer foods!  Corn on the cob, fresh garden tomatoes, peppers, mmmmmm!!!
We have two birthdays in June.  Double birthday cakes - YUM!!!!
We can play at the park!  We will zonk out at night.
Cheap produce!!!  All the zucchini and tomatoes you can ask for, straight out of my garden.  Now if only I had a green thumb.
Green grass.  Family outdoor time.  Light.
I'm going to pretend it's warm outside now.  :)

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