January 10, 2014

My History

Lately I have been thinking a lot about my family and our ancestors.  This is partially due to me scanning in old family letters and pictures and partially due to my parents getting into a car accident earlier this week, resulting in lots of bruises, soreness, and a broken finger and sternum on my dad's side.  (Webster's dictionary describes this as painful.)  We are so glad they're "okay" and love them to pieces.  Here are some great finds from my grandparents on my father's side.
Some cute ones of my dad.  The bottom middle one is with his big brother, David.
I've learned a lot about my grandparents, just by looking at old letters, pictures, and the like.  My grandma had kept all the birthday and anniversary cards that he had sent her throughout the years.  Tears came to my eyes when I saw that he ended a lot of them the same way I do often to Michael "Love, Me."  It was such a simple thing, but made me feel that I knew him better somehow.
Here is a telegram she sent to her parents after she got married.  I think of the way I feel about my own husband, and again, I just feel closer to them.  Plus, it's super cute.
And speaking of super cute, here I am I on the left with my brother Aaron and sister Jeanette.  Andrew saw it and said, "Hey, it's like me and Emily and Charlie!"  I love that they have each other, just like I had my own siblings.
And speaking of siblings, here I am (hiding behind the chair) with my 3 sisters.  And we all look SO much like ourselves.  I don't know why that's weird, but we do.
ADORABLE.  I love my parents' wedding pictures.
And speaking of cute people in love, here is my grandpa's brother David with his wife Kay.  Mike and I got to see them a few years ago, and just adore them.  They were so sweet to us.
My grandpa and David.
Here is a sweet one of my grandma (Ruth - right) and her sister Mary.
I especially loved the back!  (Another one of her with her friends said, "Just a couple of cheesecakes." HA!)
My cute grandpa.  I sure miss him.
Don't you love learning about your past?!  It makes life so much more enjoyable now.

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Mom said...

yep, we do have a good family.