January 5, 2014

Life With Kids

Baby locks are no problem when you have super skinny arms, you are super inquisitive, and you are determined to get the cookie cutters.

I walked in on this scene - Andrew reading Emily books while she bites on a coat hanger.  They each chose their outfits that day.
Charlie is such a happy boy, and such a cheeseball.  When the camera comes out, he smiles like crazy.  I took about 15 pictures like this in a row, and he would smile until I took it, then went back to normal until we took another one.  It was pretty funny.

Another one.

Did I mention he's a happy boy?

Trying to take pictures of the kids.


This was our best one.

Although I kind of like this one, too.

And, I'm not even sure what's going on here.  I'm just glad they were happy.  :)

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