January 19, 2014

The Things Kids Say

Here's another installment of cute things my kids do/say.  You're so welcome. :)

  1.  When Mike was putting him to bed, he said, "But Dad, I still got more fun to do!"
  2.  Mike winked at him, and he turned to his little cousin and said, "Bend your eye!  Bend your eye, K!"
  3.  I said something to Mike about, "What if I gave you a million dollars?"  Andrew piped up, "Mom, there's no such thing as dollars."
  4.  Emily was crying for some reason (I think because she didn't want her diaper changed or something) and I looked at my hands and said, "Man, I need lotion."  Andrew, from the other room, said, "Ok, Mommy.  I will get you lotion right after I tie this thing for Emmie to cheer her up!"  He is such a sweet boy.

  1.  Emily, Andrew, and Mike went into the bathroom for bathtime, and she started getting really upset saying, "Oh no!  My picture!  It's gone!"  Andrew swung into action instantly and said, "It's okay, Em!  Here it is!" and put a little hand mirror in front of her.  She smiled and was happy from then on.  She apparently couldn't see the mirror without the stool. :)
   2.  She has been so insistent lately that "Emmie hasta go ta wok."  I'm not sure what work she has to go to, but she really wants to go.
  3.  Emily was crying in her bed, and when Mike went in to help her, she was shaking her blankets.  She said, "Oh, Daddy.  It's so hard to find Night-Night."  (her stuffed lamb)
  4.  Apparently Emily is a superhero.  She was running around with her arms out to her side saying, "Mommy, I a supah-hero!  Zoom!  Zoom!  Supah Emmie!!!!!"

Charlie -
  1.  He has started to try to walk here lately.  He's gotten a few steps here and there, and is so proud of himself.  He will only do it when he's sure someone is watching him.  Andrew and Emily may be even more impressed with it than we are.
  2.  He now shakes his head and says "nanananana."  This is usually when he's doing something he shouldn't be doing.  Andrew says he learned it from him.
  3.  Yesterday I dropped something and said "uh-oh!" and I heard from across the room a little "uh-oh".  He sounds so adorable when he does it, and he does it a lot. :)
  4.  He LOVES kisses.  He loves to give them, and when if I'm not showering him with enough of them, he'll press his little cheek or forehead to my lips and said, "Mmmmmm-wah."

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Mom said...

So good that you are writing these things down. You'll love reading them again some day. They are so cute.