January 27, 2014

All About Emmie!

1.  Mike was getting her in the car and she looked at him and said, "Oh, Daddy.  So pretty!"  He WAS looking nice that day. :)
2.   Emily calls calendars "calories" and it's so cute.
3.  When she gets mad lately, she will point at whoever she's angry with and say, "YOU!!!!!!!"  I'm not sure where she gets it.  It's a mixture of adorable and annoying.  But mostly adorable, because it's said with that squeaky little voice and stubby little finger.
4.  She loves to play pretend.  When she's taking a bath, she'll say, "Oh no, this whale needs a bath" and proceed to be the whale, or the monkey, or the frog, or about a hundred other animals.  It's, you got it - cute.
5.  She has started telling on herself.  Sometimes Night-Night does it for her, but it's usually her. "Oh no, Mommy, what did Emmie do?"
6.  She used to call bananas "beenas" but has been really trying to say it properly lately and has been calling it "ba-ne-ni-nas"  Close, sweetie.  Close.
There are a lot more, but that's what I could think of right now.

As Andrew said yesterday - "Oh Emmie.  You are so cute!"

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Mom said...

Little girls can be so adorable. I know -- I had my share.