January 27, 2014

It's All Coming Up Andrew

Andrew and Daddy made a birdhouse!  He was so excited!
 Andrew loves to learn, and loves to teach me things.  One of his favorite shows is "Bill the Science Man" (Bill Nye the Science Guy) and he sat us all down last week and gave us a 30 minute demonstration about cotton balls.  Did you know that they are white?  They are fuzzy? They are squishy?  They can be squished?  They are round?  That a 30 minute presentation is a long time to learn all these fun facts?  What an adorable little teacher we have.
 He loves Ed Emberley books.  He loves to sit and draw for long periods of time.  He really does a great job focusing.
 What a wonderful little kid.

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Mom said...

What a kid!! You will have fun teaching him through the years.