February 2, 2014

Resolution Check-in (January)

I thought I would try to stay accountable this year with my resolutions.

1.  Lose 50 pounds.  If I want to lose all that this year, I need to lose about 4.16 pounds a month.  I did end up losing a little over 4 pounds this month, but I really wasn't as on top of it as I should have been.  (Let's just say that chocolate chip cookies sound SO good on Sunday evenings....)  This month, I need to lose 8 pounds.  That's 2 pounds a week, and is totally do-able.  So I could have done better, but I did technically lose what I said I HAD to, so....check!

2. Read 50 books.  I have read 3 so far.  I need to set aside more time for reading.  That means being faster about cleaning up in the evenings and watching less t.v.

3. Read the scriptures more this year.  Better, but not as great as I should have been.  I will do better this month.

4.  Spend time with kids playing/reading each day.  We have watched less t.v., played more, and done more coloring and other crafty stuff.  They have both gotten much more creative, and I've really loved playing with them.

January=good, not great

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