February 6, 2014


Emily is getting so big.  She was sitting at the breakfast table the other day and I was shocked at how big she looked!  She is closer to three than two, and I'm weirded out by what a big girl she's becoming.
She's great at talking, and does it.....constantly.  She narrates all that is going on in the house, and when she does something, she says it while she does it.  "Emmie get a drink.  Mmmm, delicious.  Emmie get a delicious drink.  Now Emmie sing.  A-B-C-D-E-F-G...."  You get the idea.  It sometimes gets her in trouble.  "Hit!  Emmie kick!"
She is pretty easy to understand, but there are times when I have to laugh thinking of others trying to understand her. 
"Mommy, Emmie wan some mo.  Emmie need wagert.  And a strum!  A strum!  Emmie need a strum and a wagert.  Okay, sanks.  Emmie wan wash Dan-o Ti-go Ney-o-hoo!"
Translation:  Mommy, Emmie wants some more.  Emily needs water.  And a straw.  And a straw!  Emily needs a straw and water.  Okay thanks.  Emmie want to watch Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.
She is such a cutie.

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