February 15, 2014

Doughnuts: A Successful Failure

Michael and I decided to start a Valentine's tradition.  Every night when the kids go to bed, we'll make a new dessert that we haven't tried before.  This year was doughnuts.  We were going to do something fancy, but doughnuts were just speaking to us.
We had a really fun time making them.  It wasn't hard, except that I forgot to get a thermometer, so we basically had to guess on the oil temperature.
 We had the hardest time rolling out the dough after awhile, so Mike tossed it, pizza style.
I tried it on a little bit of dough....
And let's just say that piece didn't get eaten.
They did turn out well, but we really didn't think they were that good.  We'd rather spend the money to have other people make them for us.

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kirsten said...

Well, they look good! We decided anything deep fried just isn't worth doing at home. It's hard to get the temp just right, and if you don't the food soaks up oil (ew), and then there's just the mess. So when we want donuts or orange chicken... We go out! :)