February 14, 2014

1st Birthday Fun!

Charlie had his first birthday a few days ago.  He is growing up so fast!  He had his 1 year checkup and was very healthy, except he had an ear infection.  :(  He's on antibiotics and will feel better soon.  He weighs 23 pounds (and Mike and I can attest to that - he feels like a brick) and is 31 inches long.
  We are amazed at how alert and aware he is now.  I was putting cans away in our storage room, and he toddled up to me and started trying to put them away, too.  Then Andrew and Emily made butterflies out of paper and were making them fly around the room.  Charlie went and picked up a little squeaking monkey and flew it around, too.  He is just getting so big, and is so smart.  What a cutie.
The kids helped me color some pictures and we took the monsters my very talented sister Amy made for Andrew a few years ago and put them in the kitchen.  It wasn't very fancy, but it was cute and the kids all loved it.
In honor of one of the best days in my life, February 11th, we threw a party.  That was the day I met one of the joys of my life.  The coconut cream pie from the hospital.  Seriously, I know something else happened that day, but.....oh yeah.  The pie.  It tastes amazing!  I made chocolate chip muffins also, because (and I was right) I didn't know that the kids would like it.  They definitely like the muffins, though.  Andrew helped me ice them and added sprinkles. 
Charlie liked it, but wasn't super excited about it.  He was getting tired.
His favorite part of the whole celebration was the balloons.  He has had such fun with those things.
We got him two little stuffed animals to take to bed with him.  He loves stuffed animals and gives them kisses whenever he finds one.  He is such a doll.

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Mom said...

Indeed, he is a doll.